Dot Con: Wife Refuses to Turn Over Money to Victims to Reduce Husband’s Sentence

thumb_wedding_happy_bridethumb_wedding_ball_and_chainFormer Pennsylvania lawyer Ralph Mirarchi appears to have as bad marital as legal problems these days. Under a plea bargain, Marachi was supposed to have his sentence reduced once his wife sold their New Jersey home to help repay his victims. Instead, Mirachi, 69, was sentenced to up to 8 1/2 years after his wife of forty years Dorothy “Dot” Mirachi decided to keep the home and allegedly used money from another real estate sale to pay off her Lexus rather than her husband’s victims.

Mirachi owes victims $1.32 million and has already been in prison for 15 months. For Doris Mirachi, 69, out of sights appears to be out of mind — even after 40 years of marriage.

“Dot” sold another house in Pennsylvania but kept the money. Under the agreement, she would have been able to keep $600,000 from the two sales for herself, but she decided to keep it all. The Pa. house sold for $500,000 and the New Jersey house is listed at $1.9 million.

Mirachi was convicted of spending the money of his client Paul Pezzotti Sr.

Chester County Court Judge Thomas G. Gavin has indicated that he might still reduce the sentence if Dot changes her mind.

This is precisely the point of the “do you trust your wife” scene in Shawshank Redemption:

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7 thoughts on “Dot Con: Wife Refuses to Turn Over Money to Victims to Reduce Husband’s Sentence”

  1. He was my father’s lawyer both business and personal for years and after my Pop passed he set his sites on my mom and secretive sister and he stole (so says my sister) since she became her POA as well as the executrix. I think he stole much more but she never filed charges because she knew you can’t get blood out of a stone and it would expose her incompetence and negligence.

  2. Ah the Garden State, it is by far the most operatically corrupt state in the Union. The only state where the claim of a mobbed-up union boss being entombed in a sports stadium sounds believable. Land of illegal toxic waste dumps and Rabbis selling black market human organs. The state that attempted to get General Washington to pay a toll to cross the Delaware before he could battle the Hessianes at Trenton. This story is just a small snippet of the daily goings on in New Jersey.

    Maybe it is the traces of toxic materials in the water. Maybe it is lingering effects of the pharmaceuticals also being illegally dumped into the drinking waters. Maybe it is the effect of all that cynicism taught to us at our mothers knee. But the real official motto of NJ should be “where’s my cut.”

  3. Next is the supreme court disciplinary council taking away his law license for stealing from a client. Please note that they wouldn’t take John Yoo’s license for bad law. There’s a limit, ya know.

  4. I don’t see any evidence that indicates Ralph was a loving and/or devoted husband. I do see he’s a FORMER lawyer and a convicted swindler. There are many adjectives which might be used to describe those 40 years of marriage. I’d like to hear from Dot before passing judgement.

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