Former Journalist and United Nations Worker Faces Flogging in Sudan for Wearing Pants

300px-Fomfr_whipLubna Hussein, a former journalist and current United Nations worker, is facing 40 lashes for the crime of wearing pants in a public place — an act of unspeakable “indecency” under Sharia law in Sudan. She says that 10 other women arrested at a restaurant in Khartoum, including some non-Muslims, were already flogged.

We have seen women persecuted in various Muslim countries for their dress or simply appearing in public with a non-relative male companion or other non-Muslim life styles, here and here and here.

200px-ClintonSenateWhat is fascinating is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is given to pant suits, would be subject to such flogging absent diplomatic status.

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7 thoughts on “Former Journalist and United Nations Worker Faces Flogging in Sudan for Wearing Pants”

  1. Jill,

    Well the press also reports what our politicians say their motivations are without looking into the millions they accept from special interest groups and corporations. The koran is no more violent than the christian bible, there’s just so many people in the middle east (and lets face it, the west too) who use it as an excuse to oppress and terrorize. It’s more the culture than the religion.

  2. Ms. Hussein is an extremely brave and pricipled person. She is resigning from the UN specifically to void her diplomatic immunity which will force prosecution of her case. It is her contention wearing pants is not against Islamic law and she intends to prove this in court and change the law. Go get em Lubna!!!

  3. but the media tells me islam is a beautiful religion of peace! the media cant be wrong are they?

  4. I say we bomb the country with lingerie. Sexy, sexy lingerie. Let’s see how long Sharia lasts vs. Victoria’s Secret.

  5. I think it’s about time we introduce the Shario for men in these retarded countries, see if they wise up…

  6. Now we are talking about Hillary, She might just like it. She is after all married to Bill.

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