OMG Jst Drov N Pool BRT: Truck Driver Accused of Crashing While Texting on One Cellphone and Talking on Another

200px-TextingTow Truck driver Nicholas Sparks, 25, is being cited as an example of the dangers of multi-tasking — particularly when you are driving a flatbed truck. Sparks is accused of texting on one cell phone while speaking on another cellphone — before hitting a car, crashing through a fence, sideswiping a house and then driving into an in-ground pool outside of Buffalo.

A 68-year-old woman driving the car suffered head injuries and her 8-year-old niece suffered minor injuries in the car accident.

Recently, we saw a young girl sue after walking into an open manhole while texting, here.

7 thoughts on “OMG Jst Drov N Pool BRT: Truck Driver Accused of Crashing While Texting on One Cellphone and Talking on Another”

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  2. Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

    I am not laughing. This guy needs a real job. I cannot believe that someone is so stupid to drive a tow truck, to own one is a different story. The drivers are usually the bottom card players, usually one short.

  3. If it’s important enough for you to want me to know, it’s important enough to call me. Or e-mail. Or write a real physical letter. Or leave a message. But if you want me to ignore you? Text me. And if you want to end a conversation, start texting while we are talking. I have no problem walking away until you’ve finished your other business. I may even keep on walking.

    And don’t get me started on Twitter and “Twittering”. That they use the term “twit” should tell you all you need to know. I think they used that same term on the employment ad for the tow service too because only a twit would drive into a pool while texting. You can’t even call someone that negligent and/or stupid a hammerhead even. A hammer at least has some utility.

  4. Old Coot that I am, with a great cellphone, I don’t text. Don’t get the context, or the reason. I’m annoyed by people who are out with me socially and keep doing it to the detriment of any conversation.

  5. Next time you see one of those flat bed tow trucks driving down the road, worry. Its the newest way to traffic in drugs. Think about it.

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