Indian Tantrik Beheads Five-Year-Old Girl in Ritual to Give Man Healthy Male Heirs

rangeenbabaWe have previously followed the work of tantriks in India, here. Now, one of these witchdoctors has been accused of beheading a five-year-old girl in a ritual to help a man produce healthy children.

Vandana Kumari, 5, was lured by Mewalal Chauhan to her death. Chauhan had advised Ram Niwas that he would likely continue to produce sickly male children unless he offered a human sacrifice.

Niwas assisted the witchdoctor and his assistant in luring the girl (who was a neighbor of Niwas) to a trap where she was beheaded.

We recently saw other cases of witch doctors killing children and adults for such rituals, here and here and here.

Recently a tantrik was accused of rape and encouraging a girl’s father to have a sexual relationship with her, here.

Tantriks claim powers from their faith in tantra — a spiritual tradition that dates back to the 5th-9th century AD.

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10 thoughts on “Indian Tantrik Beheads Five-Year-Old Girl in Ritual to Give Man Healthy Male Heirs”

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  2. How bloody awful.

    The most innocent, trusting and blameless, killed outright in a most horrible way. Intentionally.

    I makes me want to do awful, slow and tortuous things to these perps. And then ask them how it feels while they experience it.


  3. This is simply appalling. Some things make me want to change species, and this? Yeah. This is one of them.

  4. I take it that the tantrik used a more “hands-on” method than just chanting “backinbowl” like the one on TV that you cited …

  5. I am aware that the Bible speaks of human child sacrifice. This still bothers me.

  6. I’ve noticed that a great many “spiritual” leaders recommend the ultimate sacrifice for their followers, but not for themselves. This appears true in the political realm as well. If it takes a head to help this man have a child, then the spiritual leader should offer his own.

  7. How tragic. Thank you for reminding us often that we there is an entire world out there beyond Starbucks lattes and griping about Wal-mart.

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