13 thoughts on “Evolution and Devotion”

  1. no. i was trying to imply thankfulness for your agreement…. “Gotta Deal, pardon me.”
    no sexual harrassment intended, believe you me.

    s’okay, AY.
    call me pardon me pollyanna.
    i know you can find relevant “useful or informational” contributions…

  2. Sealed With A Kiss? Humm, ok.

    It just really makes me a little pissed when someone contributes nothing to this site other than to criticize everyone she feels as a threat.

    I have yet to recall anything useful or informational that has been forthcoming from the evil one that lives by the Sea.

    So I feel a need to vindicate others and when she leaves me alone I have had nothing to say to it.

    Sorry about my dribble.

  3. Really, AY-
    You GOTTA drag your STUFF w/ Patty to ANOTHER thread??????

    Is this a good fight? How about forgiving little things that don’t matter?

    love from your friend and mine,
    pardon me?

  4. I nominate Patty C or Patty Cp aka Numb Nuts for the American Darwin Awards. Humm, maybe just the proper utilization of the ADA. But then again one would presume that the American with Disabilities Act would be properly enforced and utilized.

    I am an American for Youth In Asia? Patty C or Patty Cp aka Numb Nuts, you interested? It would be a humane way to leave your legacy.

  5. The social structure of apes and chimpanzees so closely resembles human societies and social structure that it is hard to distinguish between them. We do seem way ahead of them though in having the hubris to believe ourselves to be somehow divinely special.

  6. Try devolution…. in any case it’s anything but progress from or for humans it seems.

    It takes a special kind of the ‘(d)evolved’ species to come up with murder, genocide, torture, gang rape, deceit, necrophilia, pedophilia (to name a few) and still be effin proud of itself.

    Once again George Carlin is there to help: “A rat will do a lot of filthy, nasty things, but it will not fuck another dead rat, ok?”

    If this is God’s plan, I don’t want nothing to with him/her/them/it.

  7. I do take umbridge at this. Man did not evolve from Dog but dog from man. See the related laws governing said canines.

    Man evolved more closely from the Ape than the Ape from Man, there are just some things that an ape will just not do.

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