Following the Herd: Police Officer Charged With Sex With Cows

Meliarobert.JPG250px-Holstein_heifer Moorestown Patrolman Robert Melia, 38, is every criminal defense attorney’s nightmare. First, Melia was charged with aggravated sexual assault on three underaged girls. Now, he has been arrested for sex with cows.

916568In April 2008, Melia and his then live-in lover, Heather Lewis, 32, were arrested for the sexual assault on the girls. In that case, Melia and Lewis were charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of criminal sexual contact in his home from 2003 until 2006.

In the latest arrest, Melia was charged with four counts of animal cruelty after allegedly engaging in sex acts with cows between June and December of 2006. For those who find this “udderly” disgusting, this is only the latest case of bestiality that we have seen this week.

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14 thoughts on “Following the Herd: Police Officer Charged With Sex With Cows”

  1. This Whole NJ court system is corrupt they make money of sending ppl to jail for a lot less worst crimes than this man did…THIS IS SICK & Upsetting People iN Law and PPL with money I guess can get away with anything in Morleys court room, but ppl who just made a stupid mistake and don’t deserve to get ripped from thier family get sent away…..THANKS NJ you really show us how corrupt our government really is….These Judges have the right to just take persons life away I think they should take a little more time reviewing the ppl they are about to put away! If s/o is convicted of child porn, and assualt on young men, THEN RAPES a cow….There should be no contest THROW HIM AWAY
    But what about a man who has NO Record!! HE TOLD THE TRUTH! Has never been in real trouble but made ONE mistake they are ready to send him away for 5 to 10 years NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Judge Morley Are you only being tough in 2010 Because its your re-election year???????? CORRUPT

  2. Cruelty to the cows? He is pretty ugly…
    nasty, Queenie is right.
    Their butts are always covered with crap.

  3. Wow. How did this guy ever become a cop? I think that should be the #1 question here. I mean, the guy was previously charged for molesting kids and he was still a cop? WTF?

  4. Funny thing is this is the town I grew up in. Last cop scandal there I’m aware of was probably 40-45 years ago. People would call the Police to say they were going on vacation from this date to that date, and a couple of Moorestown’s finest took that as their cue to go in and take the good stuff (Moorestown is pretty well-to-do, so there would be plenty of good stuff). The cops were eventually nabbed and sent up for burglary.

    These days, the Chief probably would defend them and say they were acting exactly in accordance with official procedures under the circumstances…

  5. As a long-time newspaper reporter covering cops, my question is: did this guy go through Police Officer Safety Training (POST)?

    POST is required in the state of California and its main purposes are to 1) train prospective officers/deputies in proper procedures and conduct, and 2) screen out unsuitable officers/deputies.

    I suspect that the budget expansions and the resulting explosion in the number of law enforcement personnel that has taken place over the last 20-30 years has has inflated the number of cops and led to a severe decline in the quality of cops being accepted for service.

    The number of taser incidents you’ve written about in this column adds proof that the judgment of cops in general has seriously declined.

    I’ve covered some outstanding cops and road deputies — guys who worked remote areas alone and handled dangerous situations with authority and aplomb. They often brought difficult (and sometimes weird) situations to a close without the aid of tasers and without drawing sidearms. They did it with the force of their personalities and simple logic.

    I think the basic problem today is that the departments are accepting a lower level of cops. The glamorization of the high speed chasesand forcible detentions created by the “reality cop” television shows is, I think, a contributing factor.


  6. I remember those billboards that said “eat more chicken”, put up and paid for by cows, I think.

    Turley has been informing us of the dude who gave “horse lover” a new meaning, so, I wonder if this Melia dude ran across a bunch of billboards that said “love cows” which were paid for by the horses that have been “loved too much”?

    Ok Turley, come clean.

  7. I’d check the inmate logs as well. This is funny, funny, funny. Except for the children, this is funny, funny.

    So now instead of cops being referred to a pig f***er’s I can honestly call them CowPokers. Does the Chief of Cows have to wear a badge too?

  8. Bestiality or mooving love story? It’s got it all. Criminal intrigue. Marital infidelity. Interspecies romance. You could spin it into a date night rom/com where this couple are the wacky neighbors to a hapless star/starlet combo. Much comic merriment ensues when the neighbors enlist the stars help in rounding up the escaped cattle during a thunderstorm. Or you could go the opposite direction, throw in a couple car chases and big effects shots. We could be talking next summer’s big blockbuster action flick. Think Michael Bay.

    I’m just sayin’ you can pitch this to Hollywood either way.

  9. As a girl from Oklahoma and Texas with family members in both the dairy and beef cattle businesses, I have been around cows all my life. Cows are filthy animals, and their hindquarters are damn near unapproachable. Mr. Melia is a man with serious, serious issues. He’s lucky the cow’s owner didn’t fill him full of buckshot.

  10. Sex with animals is vile, repulsive, gag me, gross.
    And cow tipping should be a crime, too.

    My dad use to sing this song while we put out hay in the winter.

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