Sotomayor Confirmed 68-31

200px-Sonia_SotomayorSonia Sotomayor was confirmed by a vote of 68-31. I discussed the confirmation on this segment of Rachel Maddow. Notably, Senator Mel Martinez (R, Fl) was one of nine Republicans to vote in favor despite a campaign against Sotomayor. Today, he announced that he would not run for reelection. Sen. Kit Bond (R., Mo.) is also on his way out after this term.

There is the roster of Republicans who broke from the GOP on the vote:

• Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
• Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)
• Sen. Christopher Bond (Mo.)
• Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)
• Sen. Olympia Snowe (Maine)
• Sen. Richard Lugar (Ind.)
• Sen. Mel Martinez (Fla.)
• Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.)
• Sen. George Voinovich (Ohio)

17 thoughts on “Sotomayor Confirmed 68-31”

  1. the confirmation of Sotomajor is a disrespect to all people of Hispanic heritage. She is an affirmative action nina. The left trashed an honest Hispanic nominy to the circuit court who would most likely have been the first Hispanic (I guess Benjamin Cordoza doesnt count?). I assume you all remember Miguel Estrada? Patrick Leahy (D VT) trashed his nomination and they never even voted.

    His was a remarkable story, young emigrant, law school, brilliant man.

  2. This President has continued the neocon war in Iraq, expanded the war into Afghanistan and Pakistan, extended and expanded claims for government secrecy, continued unconstitutional domestic surveillance efforts, covered for and continued horrific abuses and torture, magnified state control over entire sectors of the economy, and in my estimation has now successfully installed a firm supporter of executive power on the Supreme Court.

    Progressive. Not.

  3. She seems to be very excited,seeing her come out of a New York resturant last night.


  4. lottakatz 1, August 7, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    She may not be the judge most of us would like to see but she’s not a Thomas or Scalia;

    This is time will become ever apparent. I just hope that she is strong enough to not bend under pressure from either side. So long as she votes her conscience, which is a word in Washington that has not a definite meaning.

    I will step you one up, that is a word that many people do not know the meaning.

  5. I may be mistaken, but some weeks ago on NPR I believe it was JT who said that what the court really needed was a Scalia of the left. Perhaps I’m confusing my show-guests, here?

  6. Congratulations Justice Sotomayor. I celebrate with you and the Latino community on this historic vote. I do hope you do not disappoint.

  7. She may not be the judge most of us would like to see but she’s not a Thomas or Scalia; I can be grateful for small favors 🙂

  8. She clearly deserved to be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice, regardless of those Republican Senators who voted against her for no substantive reasons whatsoever.

    Conservative, 30-year registered Republican.

  9. Buddha Is Laughing,

    “I hope she surprises me”

    She is a wee bit to the right of Souter as far as I can tell by the cases I have read.

    But many surprises there will be, as there have been with most of the Justices who still get air to their brain when they sit down on the bench.

  10. I think she is gonna be a middle to the right. I am not impressed and I have met some very fine female attorney. Maybe one or two female Judges.

    Question, Just because they are supreme court Judges and we know the reason you have to call them Your Honor is that they have an IQ of 54, is their IQ Lower.

  11. BVM, I’ve always believed that Chuck Norris could have been a brilliant constitutional scholar had he not been kicked in the head so much over the years. But thank God we can at least fall back on Orly Taitz.

  12. So, Mall, if I may call you Mall, how long have the voices in your head been telling you to be a persistently off topic jerkwad?

    You should be challenging HER citizenship, nitwit.

    I’m guessing in the world of guerrilla warfare of propaganda that you fancy yourself a double-naught spy. In truth, you’re the equivalent of a baboon wielding a chainsaw.

    No, no. I take that back.

    You are neither that dangerous nor effective. I also wouldn’t want to offend any baboons.

    You’re more like a chicken with his head cut off.


    That’s it.

    Running about the political barnyard not realizing your head is no longer attached to your argument, er, um, body.

    Bueno Pollo Mall.

  13. Let me be the first to say . . .


    I hope she surprises me.

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