Texas Inmate Succeeds in Hiding Gun in His Own Fat Folds

260xStoryThis may be a first. George Vera, 25, found one advantage in being an “oversized” male. Vera was charged with possessing or selling unlabeled recordings. However, at 500 pounds, he successfully hid a 9mm handgun between the folds of his skin despite multiple searches. He was then charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility.

Vera was arrested for selling compact discs out of the back of his SUV and his less than compact figure was searched three times without finding the gun. This may explain a recent study indicating that heavier people live longer.

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9 thoughts on “Texas Inmate Succeeds in Hiding Gun in His Own Fat Folds”

  1. This guy is so fat, I bet HE even forgot it was there! I bet it was even harder to spot since it was probably covered with fat cheese. God, thats sick.

  2. I bet a gun wasnt all they found. I bet they found a few porn magazines, a tuna fish sandwich and a soda under the mounds of gelatinous blubber. Is this is what it has come to now? They are gonna have to check under the layers of fat on people? YUK.

  3. Budddha, take one for me will ya. A 9, snuck into Prison. Come on. That is daft. What do they do when he had to do the cavity search and I ain’t talkin about tooths.

  4. He looks like a young version of my first grade teacher who was armed with a ruler.

  5. It sounds like one of those situations in which no one was particularly anxious to thoroughly search the gentleman.

  6. George:

    take it easy on the tomales. While in prison I suggest a weight training program. And some light arobics to start out.

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