NFW! John Quincy Adams is Tweeting Me

225px-John_Q._AdamsJohn Quincy Adams is tweeting. The Massachusetts Historical Society has begun posting daily tweets from Adams’ diary that he began 200 years ago when he went to Russia as the first U.S. Minister. As a line-a-day diary it is perfect for Twitter.

The problem is letting Adams add you to his list of friends on Facebook. That leads to a barrage of friends like James Monroe asking you to join his friends. Andrew Jackson does nothing but ask you to duel while Martin Van Buren keeps asking if anyone remembers him.

180px-John_Quincy_Adams_1824At 140 characters, Adams’ diary is a perfect fit with such entries from August 6th: “Thick fog. Scanty Wind. On George’s Bank. Lat: 42-34. Read Massillon’s Careme Sermons 2 & 3. Ladies are Sick.”

However, the Sixth President can be annoying with endless messages like “NFW that I am going to lose to that P of S Jackson” or to constantly ask “121 was my dad really that grt?” By the time you are off his friend’s list, you are receiving daily ramblings from John C. Calhoun. (The tweets from William Henry Harrison were . . . well . . . short lived).

7 thoughts on “NFW! John Quincy Adams is Tweeting Me”

  1. What respect do you have for a former president that died as a Representative. Ok, shoot me.

  2. Um, because it is unique at least for a while because for now it is the only place where two Presidents, father and son, are buried together?

    Or, there is a Dunkin Donuts within a block?

  3. Vince,

    This site is for atheists, communists, liberals and eunuchs. Why would I go visit some dead guy’s family church?

  4. But seriously, folks, if in Boston, drive or take the T Red Line south [a few stops past the Kennedy Library] to downtown Quincy [pronounce it quinzy to sound local] and visit the Adams family national historical site, administered by the National Park Service.

    While waiting for the bus tour of the two family homes and their free-standing library, visit and take an informative tour of the family church and crypt, just a block away.

    Everyone can learn a lot at

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