Air Congress: Members Increase the Appropriation for New Planes to Over Half a Billion Dollars

220px-nancy_pelosi180px-C-37B_(Gulf_Stream_550)After weeks of criticism for its appropriation of almost $200 million to buy new luxury jets for members to fly around the world on thinly disguised vacations, Congress has finally reacted to the objections of this blog and others: it has more than doubled the amount to $550 million to buy eight jets.

The level of hubris and contempt shown in such legislation is breathtaking. For years, public interest groups have criticized these wasteful junkets. Yet, at a time of terrible economic crisis and unemployment, the Democrats feel so secure from any threat of defeat that they are willing to spend over half a billion dollars on these jets. This comes at a time when cities and states are selling parks and even government building to raise a few million dollars, here.

As with civil liberties, corruption is not an issue that members believe motivate voters at the polls. Voters are so convinced that they must blindly support their party that members are wholly unconcerned about spending over half a billion dollars on their own luxury travel desires.

Every week, I hear of friends and associates put out of work but these members are hard at work spending hundreds of millions of dollars to escape the disaster that they helped create.

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21 thoughts on “Air Congress: Members Increase the Appropriation for New Planes to Over Half a Billion Dollars”

  1. lottakatz –

    Highly applicable song lyrics for the thread …

    Well played, sir, and I think I’ll play that song now.

  2. Please raise your hand if you’re planning on selling your private jet, ey? … what an animal farm, all I see is pigs…

  3. Where in the World is John Boehner?

    Yo, Congress, heard any good Beatles tunes lately?


    “Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    In their sties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.”

  4. Luxury planes.
    Bite me.
    Bet you a box kite, much of this bidness could be done via teleconferencing.

  5. … the little people will be stewing on the tarmac breathing jet fumes while awaiting departure … while Junket One taxis to the head of the line…

  6. I say they fuel their own hot air ballons if they want to go somewhere

    jebus I’m jealous, I haven’t been 30 miles from home in almost ten years, luckily I live in (almost) paradise

  7. Pardon me wrote:

    If the new planes do materialize, I vote them painted either with skull and crossbones or with a scarlet A.

    I suggest Big Bull’s-eye Targets, port and starboard.

    I also like the paraplane idea. However, Congresspersons must only be issued enough fuel to get 1/2 the way across International waters and life preservers cost extra because they consume more fuel.

  8. At the WSJ link:


    “The purchases must still be approved by the Senate.”

    “The smaller Gulfstream V, called a C-37 by the military, seats as many as 12 passengers and costs about $3,000 an hour to operate”

    End Quote}

    Where do I sign the petition to ask the Senate to oppose this?

    However, won’t $3,000.00 an hour flight time cost *stimulate* the economy (cough)?

    Prez. O. could veto the planes bill if the Senate passed it. Reckon he would do that…

    The saddest part is those poor people losing their jobs, homes, healthcare, family security, etc. are too busy worrying about their next meals to even know about this *junk*. At some point I guess they just don’t or can’t care anymore.

  9. Maybe they would be restrained if they were going to be hauled in front of a committee and humiliated like the auto executives. There’s also probably a feeling that, well, we’ve spent trillions in the last few months, who cares about a few hundred million. If they’re going to spend, I’d rather see it used to help keep states from cutting jobs or being forced to raise taxes to balance the budget. A lot of people probably expected Washington to change once Obama was elected, but the problems are too ingrained.

  10. Because the Appropriations Committee viewed the additional aircraft as an expansion of an existing Defense Department program, it did not treat the money for two more planes as an earmark, and the legislation does not disclose which Member had requested the additional money.

    Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) had submitted a request to the Appropriations Committee for a $70 million earmark for one airplane on behalf of Georgia-based Gulfstream, and Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) lists the airplane as one of the earmarks that he was asked to request, though his office said he never made the request to the Appropriations Committee.

  11. I’m willing to authorize 10 trillion dollars to Virgin Galactic/NASA/international space programs, for the Congress and Executive branches to go on vacation to Mars. It takes about 4 years each way. All “The Family” members from C street aboard as well! Here’s an update on “the man who gives new meaning to the christian canon”, Erik Prince:

    “Just days before two former Blackwater employees alleged in sworn statements filed in federal court that the company’s owner, Erik Prince, “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” the Obama administration extended a contract with Blackwater for more than $20 million for “security services” in Iraq, according to federal contract data obtained by The Nation… [S]ince President Barack Obama took office in January the State Department has contracted with Blackwater for more than $174 million in “security services” alone in Iraq and Afghanistan and tens of millions more in “aviation services.” Read the full story at The Nation”

  12. Where will the ruling class draw the line?

    Who says they will even draw one?

  13. Jimmy Cater was in town the other day for the Baptist Convention. He says that they need to unite for the common cause and don’t let single issues divide you or some sensible thing such as that. I think since he has been gone it was the SBA that put the Bushit in Office. But the man always speaks from his heart. Not many staged productions even when he had that interview in Playboy. I had lust in my heart. Lust another 4 letter word in most peoples mind. Reminds me of another 4 letter word Republican use very little these days Work.


    This is a scale model and proof of concept for my catapult proposal originally made on another Congressional planes thread. Remember, according to GWLSMom’s proposal, these would be for trans-oceanic flights only (domestic travel provided by Greyhound) and hence much larger. I also think modifications for trajectory will need to be made to give the proper “rock skipping action” the Senators and Representatives so justly deserve after such a large meal of self-aggrandizing pork.

  15. Neither party is guaranteed existence by the Constitution.

    Washington seems set on learning that lesson the hard way.

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