Communism Kills

180px-Lenin-Statue-in-VladivostokIf there was any question that communism kills, just consider the Belarusian 21-year-old man crushed to death this week by the collapse of a massive statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin.

The drunken man was hanging from Lenin’s arm when the statute broke into pieces and crushed him. It was 16-feet high and made from plaster.

Of course, communist parents are showing their children the recent near death incident of an elderly couple always crushed by the ultimate symbol of capitalism — a McDonalds sign, here.

Nevertheless, when the communist stereotype in every bad cold war movie declares “we will crush you,” they mean it.

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8 thoughts on “Communism Kills”

  1. Hadi –

    I like it, but Groucho could never support it. Don’t you know he would never belong to any club that would have someone like him for a member?

  2. BIL-Taking it a wee bit further, here is something I could support: (Groucho) Marxism and (John)Lennonism. Someone put the two faces on a T-shirt and make some money for cryin’ out loud!

  3. BIL –

    he-he … McCartneyism, the witch-hunt focused on fans of the song “Back In The USSR”.

  4. If you play the record backwards, McCartney kills him.

    Oh, sorry.

    Wrong Lennon.

  5. This is a self evident truth. Ukrainians and Hungarians and Poles and Chinese can fill in the details.

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