Rapper “C-Murder” Miller Convicted Twice of Murder in One Day in Louisiana

48475444There is an interesting murder conviction out of Louisiana where Rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller was found guilty of second-degree murder — but after a series of bizarre problems in the jury room. When the jury first delivered a guilty verdict in the case in the murder of Steve Thomas, 16, it was rejected by Judge Hans Liljeberg due to an account that a juror voted guilty to simply get out of continued jury duty. Yet, he accepted a second guilty verdict a few hours later –even after complaints about a juror who was sleeping and quoting from the Bible (and had asked to be relieved of juror duty).

The vote of 10-2 is sufficient in Louisiana for a second degree murder conviction. Defense attorney Ron Rakosky accused Liljeberg of pressuring a guilty verdict with his orders, but Liljeberg denied the motion for a mistrial. He also denied an earlier request from the juror acting strangely to be relieved from the jury — despite her sleeping and quoting from the Bible.

Previously, Liljeberg refused to recuse himself, here.

Of course, taking a client into a murder case with the name of “C-Murder” is not the easiest task. He insisted that it simply referred to his seeing murder as opposed to committing murder. C-Murder has released various albums and songs, including the popular and prophetic “Trapped in Crime.” At least, he was not implicated by the lyrics of his own rap songs, here.

He was previously found guilty of beating and shooting Thomas (a fan at a nightclub) but the conviction was thrown out after the court found that prosecutors had withheld evidence in the case. There is no record of the Jefferson Parish prosecutors being punished for the alleged misconduct.

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  1. I am appalled at all the racists comments on the trial of Rapper “C-Murder”. I am covinced he never had a fair trail. Being a white caucasian from Northern Europe, it doesn’t even enter my mind of ever visiting the US of A, where the law and justice are such an unbelievable controvary!
    Rapper C-Murder your welcome at my place, and by the way I’m a non-Christian, I won’t preach forgivennes and all that other crap, your fellow christian citizens swear by.

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  3. Pete,

    May I call you Pete? This is uncalled for. If it was said in a joking manner, I somehow seemed to miss your humor, other than being racist. If I were the Grand Dragon I might have thought this was humor. Since I am not, nor did you identify yourself as a member of the clan, I presume you think that you are being just cute. It was lost.

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  6. Curtis, you are a fool. Do research and pause before you speak such insane garbage. Thank you.

  7. Rapper Miller has a real bright future. Maybe “old sparky”, could “brighten” his day further.

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  10. “n the jury room, the jurors who believed in Miller’s guilt tried to convince any of the three others to change their vote, which resulted in “a lot of yelling, a lot of arguing and a couple of people getting violently sick and vomiting,” the juror said.

    “It definitely took a toll on us,” she said.”

    The above was on a related article on the same page.

    The present article states that he pled guilty in May 2009, no not what the Prof wrote, but the source cited. I am confused.

    I believe that the court will probably say that this is just Harmless Error in Louisiana. After all it is Jefferson Parrish and a Black Man that is also a Rapper.

    I am hoping not to offend anyone with the above statement.

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