Minnie Mouse Molested! Pennsylvania Man Found Guilty of Groping Minnie at Magic Kingdom

0_61_moyer_320220px-Minnie_MouseJohn William Moyer, 60, likes his females short, dark and hairy. Moyer was found guilty of groping a Minnie Mouse character at the Magic Kingdom and sentenced to 180 days of probation, 50 hours, of community service, and a $1,000 fine. Presumably, he also had to get to his car with Mickey, Pluto, Grumpy, Pete, and the Beagle Boys awaiting for him in the parking lot.

Moyer fought the charges that he groped the breasts and buttocks of Brittney Duncan McGoldrick. Notably, McGoldrick did not call out for help because she thought Disney would fire her for breaking character. That did not seem to stop a Pluto character who was kicked in the groin by a young boy:

The Mouse was defended in court by a Bear — prosecutor David Bear — who decried the plight of the custom character generally with an argument that seemed to come out of Horton Hears a Who: “It doesn’t matter she was grabbed, she’s just a mouse . . . It’s not just a mouse, it’s a person.”

This is not the first controversy involving inappropriate conduct with Minnie, here.

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18 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Molested! Pennsylvania Man Found Guilty of Groping Minnie at Magic Kingdom”

  1. The video with Pluto chasing a faster kid is great, especially the way Pluto hold his hand (paws) up to his side as he is pleading that the little jerk just kicked me in the …. and his mother knocked me over.. Who ever said “it’s a dog’s life” is a good thing.

  2. Ric,

    You know this reminds me of the sitcom Roaseann. Where David goes to work at an Amusement Park and Roseann try’s and deprogram him.
    He becomes One in the Rabbit. It based on Nazism and a Theme Park.

  3. Maybe the guy ran out of hamsters?

    Maybe we’re missing the really sick part. After all, the guy’s got a behavior problem of some sort, a compulsion perhaps, likely not something he’s got real control of, and is in need of treatment as well as punishment.

    But the woman, afraid she’d get fired if she reacted to being raped (groping is a degree of rape, if you will)? That tells of a sickness in the Disney organization, that tells of overseers who have effectively terrorized employees. That tells of choices made by Disney management. And that’s as ugly as rape.

  4. @ Bill in Spring

    Your comment claiming that Internet anonymity enables people to be sicker, ruder, cruder and stupider than ever before is underscored by the hypocrisy of your lack identifiable information.

  5. And why isn’t he tagged for life as a sex offender? He isn’t being punished very much. 180 days probation, 50 hours community service, $1000 fine? For sexually molesting someone?

    There are people on those lists (unjustly) for such things as drunkenly taking a pee next to a dumpster in an alley. (Not me – never been caught.)

    But this waste of food and air sexually molested someone. He should be on his state’s list more so than the drunk pissers.

    What a jerk.

    Bill in Spring

  6. Oh, I just saw the article and unfortunately, I had to giggle a bit, even though it’s wrong, but it was just funny for a minute…I completely forgot that there is a live person under those garments of fantasy “magic kingdom”…sorry about that Minnie, are you OK?

  7. This is an example of the type of inter-species sexual contact we were warned would occur if we succumbed to the demands of the gay community and gave legal recognition to gay marriages. The consequences of failing to heed that warning are now emerging with stunning rapidity. Are we prepared to accept rodentaphilia as the price for the false egalitarianism of the gay lobby? I pray not.

  8. Perfect example of how the capability to post comments in anonymity is enabling (I won’t say causing) people to be sicker, ruder, cruder and stupider than ever before.

    Folks, the young lady who got molested is a real living person. Your idiotic jokes indicate that you just don’t care that she was sexually molested.

    Why do you do that? Because you are morally deficient and because you can.

    If it had happened to your sister, mother, girlfriend or wife, would you be making these jokes?

    Go ahead, laugh it up, Neanderthals. I don’t hope that something awful happens to someone you love or care about, but if it did, maybe it would alter your perspective. Or maybe not. Maybe you are all so sick and cold and uncaring that you would do it anyway.

    Bill in Spring

  9. When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference what sex they are
    Anything your heart desires
    Will come to you


  10. She didn’t wanna break character, ey…

    Anybody ever seen the episode where Minnie got molested and didn’t call out for help?

  11. And the Trap caught the mouse. Hey man he did it in Toon Town. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong. He was sentenced to 180 of what? The clown could not do it, his son said defending his dad in court.

    I bet this is the most laughed out man in PA. Got busted for trying to cop a feel with a mouse. Just think of the public ridicule this man will suffer as a result of his actions.

  12. Short dark and hairy. lol

    “Come here you sexy thing! I loves me a gal with cheddar on her breath!”


    Let’s forget it’s a strange man that wants to feel up a giant rodent.

    My question is is how could one be certain of the sex of anyone inside most of the Disney costumes? They are bulky, full covering and usually heavy materials.

    This is one of those situations where I just don’t see how someone got from “Hey, it’s a day at Disneyland” to “I think I’m going to feel up Minnie” without alcohol being involved.

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