Driven to Extremes: Maryland Judge Accused of Flattening Tire of Woman in Courthouse Parking Lot

180px-Tire_valve_stem-cap_offCharles Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley has been accused of letting the air out of a car of a part-time cleaning woman who works at the courthouse. Two officers from the county jail insist that they saw the judge let the air out of a 2004 Toyota Corolla that was parked outside of the La Plata courthouse at 3:45 pm in the afternoon. One claims to have a picture of the act.

Nalley is the county’s former state’s attorney.

Jean Washington, the 51-year-old cleaning lady, said that a sheriff’s deputy warned her “Jean, you need to move your car. Judge Nalley’s going to let the air out of it.”

One article says that judge has confessed to the act. He is quoted as saying “Absolutely, I plead guilty . . .I noticed the car is not there for the first time in several days.”

Here is Nalley’s background from the court website:

Assistant State’s Attorney, Deputy State’s Attorney, Charles County, 1971-75. State’s
Attorney, Charles County, 1975-80. Chair, District Advisory Board, District 4, Public
Defender System, 1983-. Administrative Judge, District Court of Maryland, District 4,
Charles County, 1983-88 (Associate Judge, 1981-83). Attended parochial schools in Charles and St. Mary’s Counties; Gonzaga College High School, Washington, DC; Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama, B.S., 1965; Georgetown University School of Law, J.D., 1969. Admitted to Maryland Bar, 1969; District of Columbia Bar, 1970. Served in U.S. Army, 1969-71. Member, American, Maryland State and Charles County Bar Associations.

She moved the car to a more distant spot but was later told that her back tire was flat.

[UPDATE: Nalley has now resigned]

[Second update: Nalley has accepted a citation for tampering with a vehicle, here]

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24 thoughts on “Driven to Extremes: Maryland Judge Accused of Flattening Tire of Woman in Courthouse Parking Lot”

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  2. Judge Who Deflated Tire Resigns as Chief Court Administrator

    By Ruben Castaneda
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, August 14, 2009

    A Charles County judge who acknowledged deflating a tire on a car parked near the courthouse in La Plata submitted a letter Thursday resigning as chief administrator of the Circuit Court.

    “I am at a stage of my career where I feel that I can be of more use to the judiciary as a judge in the trenches than as someone with budget, planning, personnel and other management responsibilities,” Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley wrote to Robert M. Bell, chief judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

    Nalley made no reference in the letter to this week’s controversy over the tire deflation. He admitted to his supervisor and a Southern Maryland newspaper that he let the air out of the rear right tire of a 2004 Toyota Corolla parked outside the courthouse Monday.

  3. Mike.

    “To me it doesn’t matter if it was a crime or not. If he did do it, that it shows such bad judgment and capriciousness that one has to question his ability to serve as a judge.”

    Your forgetting that he is a Southern judge, I think it demonstrates appropriate judicial temprement for a Southern judge.

  4. This happened in the south where Jim Crow etiquette is in force.

    “Restricted parking” probably the stupid black or hispanic and undoubtedly lower class cleaning lady assumed this meant restricted to people who worked at the court house. Stupid, stupid woman.

    The judge did the right thing. Sure he could have been more polite, he could have spoken to the owner and told her she was not allowed to park here or he could have put a note under her windscreen wiper, but that would have meant demeaning himself and other descent white court employees by offering politeness to a subhuman not entitled to politeness and it would have been doubly humiliating if she had continued to park there forcing him to let down the tires anyway.

    Even if the cleaning lady were white, the low status of her job would classify her as a white nigger.

  5. I’m sorry. I’m having a “moment” here.
    the judge didn’t like where she was parking her car? was she in between the lines? blocking the judge’s car?
    or was it because she was a cleaning lady?
    restricted parking must mean something special there.

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    “Just remember to move over and let Jimi take over.”

    Speaking of Jimi, I heard that he was a Screaming Eagle and used to shoot up before a Jump. Now that would be one hell of a trip, either way.

  7. Mike S. –

    ” … one has to question his ability to serve as a judge.”


    BIL –

    “Godspeed, Les! You’ve got an interesting jam session waiting for you!”

    So true, and lots of gone guitarists waiting to pat him on the back. Although this begs the question about people who say that someone has died and now they’re ‘jamming with Jimi.’

    Don’t you think that Hendrix ever gets tired of having to jam with every person who dies? I just wonder if sometimes he has to say to a newcomer, “Hey, man, I’m on a break right now, but Stevie Ray is warming up, and Garcia is always grateful for a session.”

  8. “So other than this guy being a Judge want criminal act did he do?”

    Please tell us where you are parked, I’m feeling like a jerk today.

    Anyway, if she’s is working after hours she should ask for special permission to park in that lot far safety reasons.

    The judge should be fined of course.


    and sad.

    Turlee Music Lovers,

    Les Paul dead at 94.

    Say anything you want about who the “father of modern music” is, but this cat was really him. He invented the electric guitar (a personal thank you, Les) and mutli-track recording, without which we would not have modern music as we know it today.

    Godspeed, Les! You’ve got an interesting jam session waiting for you! Django Reinhardt may be a bit pissy being the acoustic moody gypsy that he was, but every player born after you will want to play along.

    I salute you, Les Paul. You have made us all richer for being here. Thank you.

  10. To me it doesn’t matter if it was a crime or not. If he did do it, that it shows such bad judgment and capriciousness that one has to question his ability to serve as a judge.

  11. The Most Honorable, The Marquis St. Evrémonde, would be very proud of His Honor Judge Nalley. Now if he can just get those impudent, intemperate lawyers in line with use of the stocks or something.

  12. Buddha Is Laughing,

    Napoleon Simplex, use it, abuse it. Just remember Buddha, Napoleon was a short little F*****, that is why I chose the two.

  13. Napoleon Simplex


    I hope you don’t mind if I use that one, AY.

  14. Rules must be followed even if they are not clear to interpretation. What does Restricted Parking mean? Ah ha, Restricted for who? Its sounds vague to me so unenforceable.

    But then again, I was a kid in the 1970’s, I might have been guilty of stuffing a potato in the tail pipe of a VW. But that was parochial [high] school. Durn thing would not start for some reason. Six of us carrying a Chevy Vega to a flag pole and chaining it.

    So other than this guy being a Judge want criminal act did he do? Not saying that it was correct, in looking back, I was not correct, but I still smile.

    This Judge must have the Napoleon “Simplex.” Why else would he do such a Jerk Ass thing to the cleaning lady?

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