California Divorce Lawyer Pleads No Contest to Sexual Battery of Clients

211-2M18APPELBLATT.highlight.prod_affiliate.4Sacramento divorce attorney Gary Appelblatt, 58, has pleaded no contest to four counts of sexual battery and one additional count of attempted sexual contact. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Gary E. Ransom will now sentence Appelblatt, who is looking at likely jail time for a bizarre series of assaults on clients.

Originally, Appelblatt faced 13 counts involving five different victims. The most time, however, under the agreement would be 18 months.

Appelblatt improperly touched his clients during consultations on their divorce cases under a claim that he was performing medical procedures on them. He claimed that he had a pharmacy degree. In other cases, he was allegedly more direct — offering to reduce a client’s bill by $5000 if she would have sex with him and would reduce it even further if he convinced a friend to join in, here.

Eighteen months seems a bit light for such a history.

For the story, click here and here.

6 thoughts on “California Divorce Lawyer Pleads No Contest to Sexual Battery of Clients”

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  2. Shocking! $5,000 for twelve and a half seconds of nookie. This is inflation gone crazy.

  3. okay this guy is a sexual predator but how stupid do you have to be when a woman allows an attorney with a “pharmacy” degree permission to examine them?
    had they never gotten a prescription filled without a physical exam?
    did their mothers never teach then to run away as fast as they can when some weirdo asks to see their underwear? are they so afraid of standing up to power that they’d just submit?
    I’m sorry. I just don’t get this.

  4. Off Topic But I had to check it out:

    “ATLANTA (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday ordered a new hearing for death row inmate Troy Davis, giving the condemned killer a chance to present evidence his lawyers say could clear him in the murder of an off-duty police officer almost 20 years ago.”

    I knew without even seeing the story who the two dissenters were ,but I had to be sure.

  5. I’d bet my sister would come out of retirement just to try this guy for his law license.

  6. Bill Clinton he is not. Ok, that was not nice. This guy not only needs to be off of the street but put safely away to avoid anymore improper touchings. I wonder if he was an equally opportunity offender? Did any men come forward?

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