Hit, Haul, and Run: Texas Man Accused of Hitting Bicyclist, Pulling Him into Car, and Driving Home

0817rojasMUGVincent Paul Riojas is not your typical accused hit-and-run felon. Where all hit and run felons flee the scene, Riojas stopped and took the body of his victim with him to his home.

Police allege that Riojas, 27, hit Kellar on his bike. He then allegedly stopped and pulled Kellar off his trunk, dragged him into his car, and fled.

0817kellerMUGKellar was later pronounced dead. He was mentally disabled and worked as a handyman. He was on his way home on Saturday night when he was hit by Riojas in his 2004 Chevy Cavalier. Riojas is accused of swerving over the center of the road.

Riojas then drove the car to his home about half a mile away — covered in Kellar’s blood.

Police later found Riojas hiding underneath a neighbor’s car and tasered him to get him out from under the vehicle. He charged him with intoxication manslaughter and resisting arrest. He has a criminal record with various drug arrests and other violations.

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5 thoughts on “Hit, Haul, and Run: Texas Man Accused of Hitting Bicyclist, Pulling Him into Car, and Driving Home”

  1. Regardless of his post accident actions he was toast and he knew it. He may have thought he would take the guy home and try to revive him and apologize or something, Who knows? One thing I’m sure he was afraid of was our “HIT’EM HARD” judicial system which has people playing the odds sometimes with dreadful results. Would any charges brought against him been more lenient if he had stayed and called 911? Doubtful. Would the prosecutor forgo the manslaughter charge and tried him for a lesser crime? No, probably not. The additional charges brought on by his stupid actions probably seemed minor in comparison to the manslauter charges he now he faces.
    I feel terrible for Keller, an innnocent victim, but I can’t help but feel pity for this fool. At 27 years old he’s hardly had time to gain the wisdom that comes with age. God bless them both.

  2. This guy is gonna have some problems. A lot more than he could ever imagine.

    May the Victim rest in peace.

  3. The hit, haul, and run dude seems to be the one with the mental deficiencies, more so than the deceased.

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