Apt To Explode: EU Concerned Over Alleged Exploding IPhones

180px-IPhone_3G_S_sides250px-Nuclear_fireballAs an IPhone user, I am generally happy (with the exception of a tendency for the phone to dial people on its own). It does have some cool apps. The EU, however, is more concerning over whether it is apt to explode.

While Apple insists that these are “isolated incidents,” the EU is investigating various cases of IPhone shattering or exploding.

To make matters worse, television station KIRO says that it found an “alarming” number of such cases but that Apple has been obstructing its efforts to get access to documents. At a minimum, Apple should guarantee customers total transparency and drop any opposition to such review by the media. It sounds like lawyers are worried about product liability lawsuits for design or manufacturing defects as well as warning defects.
KIRO is reporting an estimated “15 burn and fire-related incidents blamed by iPod owners on their iPods.” Perhaps Apple focus on avoiding new baby-shaking games and opt for some cool document retrieval apps. (It is far better than those first-degree burn apps).

This news of IPhone fires follows the release of this disturbing video of IPhones being used by enraged drivers in traffic shootings:

For the full story, click here and here.

6 thoughts on “Apt To Explode: EU Concerned Over Alleged Exploding IPhones”

  1. As Vince has stated it is the battery. I believe that Sony had a problem with this a few years ago. It was all hush hush. People were paid off quickly. It is the image problem. However, if it occurred in Michigan the Republican Controlled Senate, House and Governor made the extent of any products liability claim $280,000, did I say this also included medical claims too? Yeah, go figure. A Manufacture can create a defective product and only be exposed to 280K. Ford Pinto anyone? Corvair?

  2. No serious injuries, cause seems to be overheated lithium ion batteries, so this is not on the scale of spontaneous human combustion.

  3. I join in the judgment of Jack Kirkpatrick from the film “Airplane!” To wit: “they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say, let ’em crash.”

  4. I am at the same time both fascinated and repulsed by the iphone. It allows people to almost seamlessly insert a single piece of technology into their life that has an ever growing number of uses.
    But the restrictions on how you use it, what kind of apps you can create, and what networks you can use, ect. make me cringe.

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