Police Taser Sets Homeless Man on Fire

bildeWe have another case of a man bursting into flames after being tasered. Recently, an Australian man burst into flames after being tasered. In Lancaster, Ohio a homeless man named Daniel Wood, 31, caught fire after being tasered due to chemicals from an aerosol can he was inhaling.

Notably, the officer saw the man inhaling the aerosol can when he and another officer struggled with the man. They patted down the flames that appeared near the taser hit.

Wood denies resisting arrest, though his claims would be a bit more convincing if he did not look completely deranged in his mugshot.

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9 thoughts on “Police Taser Sets Homeless Man on Fire”

  1. Only too happy to be of service. It was in a St. Petersburg paper, Jan. ’08. Those guys actually wound up removing parts of the car to get it out of the engine compartment. When they finally got it out … well, you probably know about the So. FL python problem, and policy is to exterminate them. With extreme prejudice, by then, one might well suppose. Bad day all around!

  2. AY,

    I’m only slightly more inclined to go to Florida than I am Dallas although for entirely different reasons. If I did go back to Florida, it’d be the Keys or I’d do the space geek thing. But I’m thinking about starting a daily taser de-sensitivity training just in case.


    I am glad I didn’t read that while drinking. I’m still laughing. It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

  3. Given the poor law enforcement practices illustrated within this blawg, my guess is that Mr. *Wood’s* facial expression is the result of the police not fully extinguishing certain sections of his body parts…notwithstanding that, the poor man just emerged from a “Burnin’ rang of far’ (Johnny Cash) and is justified some wide-eyed bewilderment. He surely thought that *rapture* was amongst him since just yesterdee he was warin’ that samwitch board that stated ‘The End is Near…Repent Sinner’ For behold, I am a true Decipple of Christ

    Why is it that the po’lice will not let suspects ‘gussy-up’ for their mug shots?

  4. Rangers at Everglades tasered a big python, last year I think it was. They thought it would go limp, so they could get it out of a tourist’s car. They didn’t consider that first, every muscle in its body would constrict. With a snake, that works about like jumping on a toothpaste tube. But way messier, I heard, and both ends, and the rangers were working close in. I expect their expressions resembled Mr. Wood’s.

  5. Buddha,

    Something for you to look forward to the next time you go to Florida. Daytona does have some rough areas. Just be careful, some cops try to out do other jurisdictions. Just remember being Tased while Huffing puts you in a Daze.



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