Shock Video: BYU Professor Tasered in Court

We have been following questionable uses of tasers by police. This video from 2004 raises some disturbing questions where a former BYU professor Tom Lowery is tasered in court during a rambling argument. It is clear that the use of the force, in my view, was unnecessary and improper — particularly in a court of law.

Lowery was acting as his own attorney on November 22, 2004 and claims to suffer from stress-induced mental disability. He filed an action against three leaders of his local LDS church group. Judge Anthony Quinn understandably is put out by the use of foul language and cuts him off after he say “bullshit.” However, he should not have allowed this situation to escalate and the use of the taser by the officers was entirely unwarranted.

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12 thoughts on “Shock Video: BYU Professor Tasered in Court”

  1. Yet another legacy of the last administration and the current administraton’s refusal to hold anyone responsible for their criminal behavior: the United States of America tortures people. At Guantanamo, at black sites around the world, now this, which has become the all too common use of tasers — not as a less deadly alternative to guns, but as a torture device.

  2. And everyone knows the court reporter has carte blanc to tase whomever strikes their fancy.

  3. This is simply unacceptable behavior from every legal official in that courtroom except the court reporter.

  4. Like I said before, nothing will change unless someone famous, powerful or influential gets tasered.

  5. The Tasers are being used whenever a Law Enforcement Officer feels like. The police abuse the use of Tasrs because they can. From grandma to the woman with her kids to the emaciated homeless man the LEOs don’t even have to feel threatened only disrespected and ZAP down you go. They know they won’t face any repercussions.

  6. There is no situation where it is appropriate to electrically shock someone into submission…ever. These cops are supposed to pass physical exams to be police officers, they could have dragged loud mouth out toot sweet and the judge fine him for the explative outburst. The government wants us to behave like cattle, so they treat us like cattle using electric prods.

  7. I am curious, how will this affect his case? Will he have grounds for appeal because of this (if he loses his case) I didn’t know words were illegal in a courtroom. It seemed the judge, rightly so, tried to take control as the defendent started getting agitated, but the police went to far. Exessive use of force, live in living color. So does he sue the police and the judge (and whatever judical body represented) or just the police? I don’t think police like professors (remember Henry Louis Gates.

  8. I think there are incidents where the use of tasers is entirely appropriate, but this is clearly not one of them. The man who was tased could have been removed from the courtroom without the use of a taser. I didn’t count how many officers here there, but it looked to me like there was enough to get the job done without resorting to the use of that kind of assault.

  9. Hummm. Utah, LDS, Former Professor of BYU versus Law Suit against elders of BYU. I know who wins. Will Bybee ever hear the case? The Elders still win.

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