The Thin White Line: Memphis Officer Arrested in Major Cocaine Bust

Lowell-Duke-1_t220While Memphis officials trying to keep tasers out of the hands of their officers (here), they are also trying to do the same with narcotics. A major bust this week led to the arrest of officer Lowell Duke, 37, who is accused of participating in a large drug operation.

Duke is suspected of being not just one of the owners of the operation but one of its clients. The 13-year veteran refused to take a drug test when it was demanded by the MPD.

Duke was previously suspended on at least six prior occasions, including one bizarre allegation of “disturbing a church service.”

He is charged with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of crack and powdered cocaine.

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7 thoughts on “The Thin White Line: Memphis Officer Arrested in Major Cocaine Bust”

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  2. “The War on Drugs,” yet another proof of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Who could have known that it would turn into a propagator of the very sins it sought to eradicate? Perhaps only those who remember the history and failure of Prohibition.
    Google Harry J. Anslinger to see the unsurprising link between both and the absurdity of the notion that it, TWoD, accomplishes
    anything but the opposite of its’ proposed intentions.

  3. Yeah baby. But believe it or not even in the legal profession we have a lot of addicts. The cops, well a good drug cop, knows it source and where to get it. So I am not surprised.

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