Who Would You Want to Drive You to the Governor’s Mansion? Corzine Spokesperson Raises Driving Skills As Criteria for Office

225px-SenatorJonCorzine225px-US_Attorney_Chris_ChristieIn an interesting twist to the usual negative political traditions in New Jersey, a spokeswoman for New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has attacked Republican challenger Chris Christie’s driving record, denouncing him as “a complete menace to society on the highways of New Jersey” with 13 moving violations over the last two and a half decades. If you recall, Corzine had two speeding tickets going back to 1992, and most importantly a third ticket for failing to wear a seat belt in the car accident that nearly killed him in 2007.

There appears no question that Christie appears quite a lead foot. The former U.S. Attorney was found guilty on a total of 13 traffic tickets between 1985 and 2009, including seven for speeding. He also racked up six traffic accidents between 1989 and 2007. The question is whether this is a barrier to the governorship. After all, it would likely get him out of driving his own car which might make the streets immediately safer for pedestrians and small animals — a common pledge of every politicians.

The Corzine attack, however, has led to an intense debate as to which candidate is a better driver. Who would you want to drive you to the governor’s mansion?

230px-Speed_Racer_promotional_imageCorzine campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith insists that the people’s chauffeur in chief: “Jon Corzine, like most drivers, has had an occasional infraction, and he paid the ticket. Chris Christie, on the other hand, has been a habitual offender and a complete menace to society on the highways of New Jersey.”

Gentlemen, start your engines.

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5 thoughts on “Who Would You Want to Drive You to the Governor’s Mansion? Corzine Spokesperson Raises Driving Skills As Criteria for Office”

  1. Well, Corzine wasn’t driving when his accident occurred, so there is no comparison on that issue. But if one compares the 2 men on how they take care of their health, Corzine wins that one all the way. Christie is is a slovenly obese pig, which does not say much for his ability to control his impulses. God forbid what that would mean for those abilities in relation to administrating the state. I for one do not want to find out.

  2. “We had a chance for a real reform-minded, conservative candidate in Steve Lonegan”

    Some might consider Mr. Lonegan as such, others might refer to him as crazy with much to back that up. He is a typical anti-Tax Republican, whose “reform mindedness” is referrant to his hatred of Government. A perfect man to run the NJ State Government. We’ve seen how well his clones have done in other States, or his heroes like GW Bush have done with the Federal government. What makes him crazy though is the need to continue to propagate failed policy concepts, despite the abject lack of success.

  3. Our choices in New Jersey – Bad (Christie) vs. Worse (Corzine)

    No matter which of these 2 gets elected in November, New Jersey will still lose. We had a chance for a real reform-minded, conservative candidate in Steve Lonegan but the establishment of the GOP was too much to overcome. Now, we have to put up with another Christie Whitman-like RINO.


  4. Here in Jersey our great Insurance industry has you coming and going.The average driver with just one(1) of these infractions is given points,In turn your insurance carrier is allowed to charge you X amount of dollars for three(3) years.Over your original policy cost.

    Now the average person would know better than to put themselves in these situations for the cost is high and long.

    But I guess this is the old “do as I say not as I do”attitude for people who can write this off as if it were nothing.

  5. If this is the only issue that the people of the state of New Jersey have to worry about in the economic time, they are the luckiest state. Come on this is noting but a smear and I tend to lean towards the democrats. But this is ridiculous. According to the article the men now have clean driving records.

    I think both parties need a Vote of Confidence and clean out who thinks they are in charge and put people around that care about the real issues. He could have done what a lot of us do and fight the tickets.

    I do have an issue he loaned 46K to a co-worker? Is he worth that much that he has that much to loan a co-worker? Hmmm? US Attorney?

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