South Carolina Man Goes Dragonfly Hunting with Rifle and Shoots Friend

Dutch_Schmidt_&_Bender_mil-dot_recticle_A180px-Tau_Emerald_inflight_editIt appears that folks in South Carolina prefer to bag for dragonflies with old-fashioned way: with a hunting rifle. A South Carolina man reportedly decided to use a rifle rather than a net to catch dragonflies at a hunting club in Johnsonville, South Carolina (pop. 1418 and an unknown number of dragonflies). He ended shooting his friend when he walked in front of the gun.

I certainly do not want to visit Johnsonville during the height of mosquito season.

He does not appear alone in the use of weapons in the man v. insect struggle:

The man took the victim to a convenience store where police found him bleeding profusely. The shooter explained that it was a dragonfly hunting accident.

This the second animal/insect incident resulting in humans gunning each other down, here. A coincidence? I think not.

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12 thoughts on “South Carolina Man Goes Dragonfly Hunting with Rifle and Shoots Friend”

  1. Well, I might have lost my edge a little since that day about 55 years ago when I bagged a dragonfly with my Red Ryder break-action BB gun. Of course, he was sitting still on a tall weed — but!

  2. The man may have had a rifle but obviously didn’t have the sense to have chosen the correct weapon. For Dragonflies one either uses a shotgun, or an assault weapon such as an AK47 or Uzi. The seriousness of the hunter in weapon’s choice says much, just as you don’t come to a gunfight armed with a stilletto (knife not heel). The shooter was obviously unaware of proper procedure for hunting this dangerous creatures and unfortunately his friend had to pay.

  3. pardon me?,

    Idiots with guns.
    Killing for fun just doesn’t seem right.
    I’ll let Blackwater answer this one.

    But What do you call 25 attorneys jumping out of a plane?


  4. Idiots with guns.
    Killing for fun just doesn’t seem right.

    I love dragonflies. Occasionally, they’re in my yard: bright green, blue, or purple. Some have spotted wings.
    I haven’t seen this one around here but think it is particularly beautiful.

    Here is another pic, this one with what appears a toothy grin.

    If you’re interested, use the url below, adding the www.

  5. rafflaw,

    You know he is an Attorney that does Real Estate. I read an article recently in the Dallas Morning News that the buck shot is still coming out of his head. I bet he was Retained(rewarded or paid) handsomely. You can’t divulge those client confidences.

    Here is a link to something unusual. It has a picture of his neck and face. I do not know how accurate it is but, it says that he has 4 daughters and only names one.

    He made a fortune off of the Austin Real Estate market. I have met him he is nice. He is very loyal and I would say that for some reason or another presently in Austin he can do no wrong.

  6. AY,
    I didn’t realize that the victim was also hunting dragonflys! I still want to talk to Cheney’s victim and get the true story of how drunk Cheney was when he shot him in the face.

  7. rafflaw 1, August 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    I am not much of a gun nut, but I would guess you would have to be a very good shot to hit a dragonfly in the air!
    Nah, you only have to be hunting with Dick Cheney to be this good.

  8. A little known fact is that the 2nd Amendment originally read:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a bug free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  9. Reminds me of February of 2003 when Sadaam Hussein’s deputy challenged Bush II and Dick Cheney to a duel between himself and Sadaam.

    They were to meet in the desert with side arms only. That way no soldiers etc. needed to die.

    Bush II turned down the invitation because Cheney, like the dragonfly slayer of this story, was well known as the originator of “friendly fire”.

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