Is Moody Not Just Messy But Mad? Man Arrested for Repeatedly Climbing Into Outhouse Toilet

2462735-mGary Moody appears to have a problem. In 2005, he pleaded guilty to trespass in a pit toilet in White Mountain National Forest property in New Hampshire. He was ordered to seek help. However, he has now been arrested again for climbing down into a pit toilet at the park. It turns out that it is a crime to climb into a public pit toilet.

Moody, 49, is from Pittston, but that does not explain his affinity for pit toilets.

A 9-year-old boy reportedly saw Moody climbing out of the toilet, which must have triggered years of therapy for potty issues for the boy. (This almost as bad as the clown toilet, here).

180px-Pit_toiletsIt fell to agent William Fors to investigate and says that Moody admitted that he had been in a toilet at the Hastings Campground on Memorial Day. He reportedly told Fors that he dropped his shirt in the toilet and had to climb in to get it. Not only does that hardly seem a predictable choice (as opposed to get a new shirt), it is also the same basic excuse that he used in 2005. On that occasion, he said that he dropped his wedding ring into the toilet. Notably, officials were kind enough to search the toilet for the ring — and found nothing. Fors said that, upon closer questioning, Moody admitted that he was not trying to retrieve clothing and admitted to an “outhouse problem.”

He is not the only criminal defendant with potty issues, here.

Moody has been charged with one count of attempted violation of privacy, one count of entering an enclosed area not open to the public and one count of leaving refuse in an exposed and unsanitary condition. I am not sure where the privacy charge comes from. Unless he remained in the toilet during the use by others, it is hard to see what is private about the refuse. The Supreme Court has ruled that garbage loses its protection under an expectation of privacy once it is put on the curb. People would have even less expectation of privacy in their human waste. However, I am particularly interested in the unlawful entry charge. It appears that the toilet is public but not the inside of the toilet despite its exposure to the public.

There is also the obvious question of insanity. Irresistible impulse has been eliminated in many states as the basis for an insanity claim. This would seem like a pretty good case for such a defense if it is available.

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17 thoughts on “Is Moody Not Just Messy But Mad? Man Arrested for Repeatedly Climbing Into Outhouse Toilet”

  1. fms,

    Two words. One is an alternative. One is a diagnosis.



    I’m thinking if catching a glimpse is one’s motivation, there’s more than enough free porn out on the Internet to make climbing into a pit toilet once a bad idea let alone twice. Ever been near a pit toilet? Alien monster Nazi Scientologist Neocon cannibals could be chasing me and I’d have to think REAL HARD about that option for escape/concealment let alone an entertainment romp. I’m thinking the glimpse is not his primary interest in climbing in but rather the “joys of the environment” itself. He should seek the help of a psychiatrist/sexual therapist and possibly a licensed plumber.

    Somewhere, the Ghost of Mr. Whipple weeps.

  2. the arresting Sheriff in the first incident is a friend of mine, he said that was the most unpleasant arrest he ever made

  3. Back when the earth was cooling and dinosaurs were roaming the planet I spent part of one summer at the Boy Scout camp in Osceola, Mo.

    They called the pit toilet a “lolly” and fortunately it had plenty of ventilation. One day another scout dropped his flshlight down the pit. I told him that was too bad. He said no, his father would kill him, and he descended into that pit, retrieved the flashlight, and emerged as the most disgusting human I have ever seen.

    A person would have to have a mental disorder to voluntarily go into such a pit. I can’t imagine that guy on “America’s Dirtiest Jobs” doing an episode of pit cleaning!

    Surely entering these pits has to be illegal. The transmission of disease factor alone outweighs any concern I’d have about a sicko getting his rocks off in the excrement zone.

    The man needs help.

  4. It’s not exactly common but the news does have fairly regular stories on voyeurs climbing into pit toilets to watch the action. Hence ‘attempted invasion of privacy’. (Yes, some people have reported seeing an eager pair of eyes looking back at them.) In some ways it’s no different from somebody rigging up a camera in a bathroom… except for the smell.

    The ‘entering enclosed space not open to public’ is probably intended for the ranger’s living quarters and offices but it’s hard to come up with a legitimate reason why anyone would ever jump into a pit toilet… and the law covers the situation in case the guy successfully argues his way out of the first charge.

    The final charge is probably due to him dripping once he climbed out. It might be nothing more than stacking charges.

    BTW the last charge refers to the fact that it IS legal to poop in the woods. You just need to either pack it out or dig a cat hole (if appropriate for the conditions). It’s hard to do multiday hikes otherwise. Ditto nudity – hard to bathe otherwise. Sometimes our moral betters get in a huff over “nudity allowed in national forests!” and forget that it’s for hikers and other recreational users, not orgies that they weren’t invited to.

  5. “On that occasion, he said that he dropped his wedding ring into the toilet.”

    Some poor woman is married to this wacknut?

  6. Fabulous!

    Now I know what really happened. A leprechuan welched on a deal with a troll. The troll asked the Thunderbird god to shake his mighty wings backwards. By so doing, the end of the rainbow changed its place. When the leprechaun followed the rainbow he ended up IN a pot of @#$! instead of WITH a pot of gold. When Mr. Moody sat down and let fly he enraged the leprachan no end. The leprechaun prompty stole his shirt–pulled it right off his body and drug it into the “water”. And that is how Mr. Moody came to be arrested.

  7. I looked into the *muddy water* and what did I see
    I saw a lonely, lonely face just looking back at me

    Moody River your *muddy water*
    Took my Baby’s life

  8. Okay Jill, I will split the difference…*Moody River*…covered by Credence *Clear Water* Revival

    Pat Boone’s orginal: (I should be crucified for putting this great song on this thread but how many blawg threads have the word “moody” as a topic title…)

  9. Some people need to be locked away for there own safety. This guy really, really has a problem. Not much different than some Notorious band members.

  10. I thought pit potties were safe. There’s just no way to flush gators and pythons into the system, now this. Is nothing sacred?

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