New York Settles Mass Arrest Case — Drops Charges

232px-NYPD_BadgeThere is a mass arrest story. As has been discussed earlier, we have an ongoing arrest case in Washington, D.C., here. In May 2007 police arrested dozens of young people who police alleged were basically rioting through the streets. The students insisted that they were on their way to a funeral for a murdered friend. Now, there has been a settlement of the case with all charges dropped and the payment of damages.

When the mass arrest occurred, a large number of officers accompanied by a helicopter arrested the students aged 13-21. It was heralded by both the police and the media as a example of police work at its finest. The New York Post called the police officers “outright heroes” and called the students whiners.

225px-Ray_Kelly_2009_portraitPolice Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office claimed that the group of 32 were gang members and terrorizing the neighborhood.

That is a curious backdrop to the news that the city has now agreed to pay 16 members of the “Bushwick 32” a settlement of $257,000 to end a civil lawsuit. Twelve other students have a pending lawsuit of their own.

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3 thoughts on “New York Settles Mass Arrest Case — Drops Charges”

  1. Good thing I don’t believe everything I hear in the media!

    Maybe they should take a page from Stark County, Ohio when they strip searched three teen girls that they had arrested for ‘trespass to a public sidewalk’.

    BTW Even though there was not, or had ever been, a policy for strip searching teens on “tour” through the juvenile detention center, NO ONE was charged with any wrong doing…even though they paid out $300,000 to the girls.

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