Mommy’s Little Helper: Georgia Man Charged With Slapping Toddler to Stop Her From Crying at Wal-Mart

slapper_244633lThere is an interesting criminal and torts case out of Georgia. Roger Stephens, 61, is accused of slapping a 2-year-old child across the face when she would not stop crying. That is bad enough, but the child was not his.

The mother told police that her child was crying in a Stone Mountain Wal-Mart when Stephens, 61, walked up and declared “if you don’t shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you.” When the child continued to cry, the mother said that in a different aisle Stephens grabbed her and slapped the child across the face four or five times. She says that Stephens then told her, See, I told you I would shut her up,.”

A bystander then stepped forward and grabbed Stephens and held him for police. Stephens reportedly apologized to the mother after police arrived, but it still constitutes a classic crime as well as a tort of assault and battery.

He has been charged with felony cruelty to children.

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Stephens!Even if you plea bargain down to a misdermeanor to avoid prison time,you may still face the prospect of a civil suit,that has the potential to possibly ruin you financially.Instead of being able to save for a comfortable retirement,you will have to work longer because of wage garnishments against you. The mother of that child is not stupid,and it is you whom will be picking up the tab for that college and/or technical school education in that child’s future.I can see it now: In eighteen years from now, she’ll be the president of Pi Kappa sorority house,because you could’nt control your basic impulses.
    All you had to do was walk away from that screaming annoyance.When I got to Wal Mart and I hear a screaming kid,I’ll say to my lady:”Let’s go to the checkout and get the hell out of here”. That is truly the best solution the the problem,as opposed to having my future earnings,paying for that child’s education. Not too bright when your living standard takes a dump,and hers goes up.

  2. NT,

    “…get the hell off of the phone while your in the store. Nobody wants to hear your lame conversation…” and
    “Stop being so liberal and get the kids under control before drugs, booze or violence does them in,” are two shining examples of your attitude towards the others that commented. You started off antagonistic, and stayed that way. I make no apologies to you for answering in kind.

    I really don’t mind when people who disagree with me state their opinions. I have no say in who gets to comment here, and make no claims that I do. I do mind when people preach at me. I also generally ask that people back up their claims with evidence. Just look at my conversation with Puzzling. Puzzling made a claim, I was skeptical, they provided proof, and I admitted my error.

    Now, your rants about where you grew up don’t have anything to do with anything. They were at best tangential. I suppose I should have just pointed that out, or even better ignored it, but like I said, I hate being preached at. That’s especially when it comes to how I choose to raise my child.

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