Australian Man Faces Twenty Years for Sharing Baby-Swinging Video

man_arrested_for_posting_baby_swinging_videoCoa_QueenslandThere is an extraordinary case out of Queensland, Australia. Chris Illingworth, 61, is charged for merely copying and watching a viral video of a man swinging a baby. Prosecutors have charged that he distributed a child abuse video –even though the government itself rated the video as MA15+ (appropriate for anyone over 15). It is part of an ongoing trend in the West in rolling back on free speech rights.

The video itself is widely available and was part of a newsworthy story over criminal charges brought against Jamie Ian Thompson, 28. Thompson is shown swinging a one-year-old girl around by her leg after the girl’s mother left a video camera running in the lounge. He was spared jail by Leicester Crown Court, Judge Michael Stokes, QC, after he claimed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress associated with being the victim of two armed robberies. He served as a post office security guard., here

Illingworth, however, had no involvement in making the video and merely published it as part of a video-sharing site — after copying it from LiveLeak. The owner of LiveLeak has spoken out in Illingworth’s behalf, here. Police and prosecutors, however, secured charges that would put the father of four in jail for a maximum of 10 years for sharing the three-minute clip.

Queensland Police insist that any Australians who simply view the clip could face a maximum of 20 years in jail but say that they are reviewing this case.

In the Queensland Police brief of evidence, Susan Cadzow, specialist pediatrician at Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital, said she thought the clip represented child abuse even though the child is shown laughing at the end of the video. It is clearly abusive and dangerous in my view, but that does not mean that it is a crime for bloggers and reporters to show the video. Indeed, the video went viral out of the widespread view that the man should be punished and served to pressure authorities for his eventual prosecution.

It is simply astonishing that various police officials, prosecutors, and experts joined in the effort to bring and fight for this case.

Warning: the video below has disturbing content.

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11 thoughts on “Australian Man Faces Twenty Years for Sharing Baby-Swinging Video”

  1. Wow. I have to admit, I couldn’t stop watching that. I also found it almost inconprehesible that some one recorded an Uzbec version of “Kung Fu” fighting. I assume that must have just been a scene that got cut from “Borat”.

    On a lighter note. I assume these are carney/circus folk. I also think the risk of a spiral fracture, dislocated shoulder, or a generally f_ _ _ ed-up neck is a very real risk from these type of hyjinx. I also assume they have a dancing bear tied up in the court yard of their government flat.

    Also, Australia seems more and more like a freeky bizarro Texas, but with things sometimes going moronically to the left instead of the right.

  2. Interesting. The poster, Illingworth, is a site administrator at a video-sharing site (LiveLeak). Could this flap about Illingworth, ALSO be a round-about way of slamming or trying to control the video site?

    Also, does Australia actually have “freedom of speech”, technically, in its current Constitution? … According to the wiki article on “Freedom of speech by country” — NO, Australia does NOT have “freedom of speech” in any form familiar to a US-Amur’cn.

  3. That camera wasn’t “just left on.” It moves. So unless the camera is alive, someone is operating it.

  4. WTF, I have been abused and I thought that being the Airplane was the fun part. I too shall be charged, I have done the same thing.

    Is Tossing a Kid in the air and catching them abuse? Should add that this was in the swimming pool. I too, yet again am guilty of abuse.

  5. Queensland Police insist that any Australians who simply view the clip could face a maximum of 20 years in jail but say that they are reviewing this case.


    Watching a video could get me 20 years in jail?? What’s the punishment for posting on this site??

  6. … after a the girl’s mother left a video camera running in the lounge.

    Someone is controlling the video camera. The mother?

    Definitely dangerous, but not abusive. The child is clearly enjoying it.

    1. Nal:

      I recall a story saying that the mother had left the video camera on in the living room. The mother later demanded harsher punishment for the man.

  7. Australia.

    Have you been out in the sun too long boys?

    That prosecution is as stupid and retrograde as anything Mother England is turning out. How about suing Murdoch for all the “abuse” his crap films inflict upon children both as actors and viewers? Hm? Murdoch is a MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR of films that often not only depict violence against children but often endorse violence BY children. So how about harassing Rupe? Can’t because he can corrupt and graft his way out of it, could it?

    The “As Much Free Speech As You Can Pay For” model is quite simply fascist repression.

    Why don’t you jerkwads focus your effort on the real criminals Down Under? It’s rhetorical, sure, but someone had to ask, Australia.

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