Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire For Master’s Thesis

190px-Attorney_General_Bob_McDonnell_and_Coy_Barefoot_croppedRegent_logoWho says no one will read your college or university thesis? Robert F. McDonnell, Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia, is now wishing that he had chosen a simple paper on the life and times of Thomas Jefferson. Instead, as a masters student at Regents University, he wrote a thesis against government policies favoring “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators.” He also denounced as “illogical” a 1972 Supreme Court decision legalizing the use of contraception by unmarried couples.

While the thesis was over twenty years ago, McDonnell was a 32-year-old graduate student at the time, he now insists that his views have changed and he is presumably now closer to a nineteenth or even twentieth century mindset. The thesis was entitled “The Republican Party’s Vision for the Family: The Compelling Issue of the Decade.” For a copy of the paper, click here.

McDonnell, 55, did not appear materially different in his views in the state system where he appeared to carry out the political agenda described in the thesis.

He received a bachelor’s in business administration at the University of Notre Dame in 1976, and he received a master’s in business administration from Boston University in 1980. After serving in the Army and a brief stint with a health supply company, he moved his family from Kansas to Virginia Beach and enrolled in what was then called CBN University — founded by Pat Robertson and named for the Christian Broadcasting Network. It later became Regent University.

Regent’s motto is “Christian leadership to change the world.”

This is precisely why I have destroyed all of the copies of my university thesis: “The Efficiency of Using Humans as Food Stuffs: The Case for the Lions.” Even worse was my law review article: “Eating the Rich: How The Most Wealthy Americans are High in Fiber and Nutrients.” I want to make clear that my views have changed over the years and I no longer openly advocate human extinction policies or wealth distribution through cannibalism. Indeed, my degree from PETA University was only a brief part of my academic background.

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15 thoughts on “Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire For Master’s Thesis”

  1. Mespo727272:

    I have already started my Republicans for Deeds one man committee.

    I am very free market so I will actually need to see what Deeds is about. Although I was surprised by Tim Kain and his willingness to look into free market solutions even if it is/was on a limited basis.

    But Bob McDonnell must be defeated, my views have changed somewhat from when I was 34 but my core beliefs are still there. I think the only thing McDonnell has done is moderate his views because of political ambition, not because he has “evolved” into a liberty loving born again Jeffersonian Democrat.

    I’ll take macaca any day over this crap. I had thought, until I actually read the thesis, the democrats were up to political dirty tricks. This in my mind is a legitimate political issue and I hope he is compelled to explain why he thinks it is ok to force couples to not use birth control or any of a number of other things he has said.

    The republican party in Virginia is devoid of any intellectual foundation if this man is all they can put up to run. But then they gave us Jerry Kilgore so I guess the same fools are running the show. At least McDonnell dosent go around wearing UVA colors, he just carries his cross.

  2. I want to say that I am a republican and very conservative, I voted for Reagan and Bush I and II (although I now deeply regret voting for Bush II).

    I have read enough of this mans thesis to know that this man must be defeated in November. He is definitely a Theocrat and is about power and his views of how people should act and behave. He is anathema to a society that respects the rights of individuals.

    I used to go to a church in Northern Virginia and his type was rampant, they are very small minded men and women and think they know best for everyone else. And the sad fact of all of this is that he makes some good points about the family and the stability it gives to children and society. But the apparent overall thrust of this thesis is about substituting religious control of families for government control of families. In my mind they are one and the same – anti-individual rights.

    This man is a quicker path to tyranny than any liberal democrat I can think of.

    Here is a quote from the thesis:

    “In addition to the family and the individuals who comprise them, God has ordained the institutions of civil government(52) and the church(53) as the foundation of order in society. While there simultaneously exist man-made voluntary associations of business organizations, community service groups and the like, it is these three which have sovereign spheres of jurisdiction in which to exercise authority delegated by God. Although there is some overlap and partnership in pursuing the ends of a
    just and moral society, each institution has certain responsibilities given exclusively to it.”

    I read this as having all aspects of a community shove religious beliefs down my throat to make me conform to their idea of a “model” citizen. Not Stepford wives but Stepford people. It is very disturbing.

    Regent University is a cesspool of intellectual perversion.

  3. I’d actually be more interested in seeing the materials cited in the footnotes to this guy’s thesis as authorities for his positions. I’m sure they contain some real academic gems.

  4. Doesn’t this guy know? A Master’s Thesis is all about supporting case law. That way they can make sure the attorneys have what is known as 2.5 knowledge. which means. Knows correct answer when told.

  5. Shouldn’t a Regents degree be an automatic red flag at this point? Seriously, how many times do the graduates of that school have to screw things up before “Regents Grad” equals “unemployable theocrats”?

  6. JT,

    Let’s not forget your speech as Valedictorian from your high school graduation: “Let’s Go out and Eat a Bum!”

  7. From article: “…my university thesis: “The Efficiency of Using Humans as Food Stuffs: The Case for the Lions.”

    LOL If you had subtitled it ‘A Model for US Financial Sysyems’ you would probably be the head of the SEC or Federal Reserve Bank by now! 🙂

  8. yet another reason to write soft porn for one’s thesis. erotica, I think they call it now just to be au courant.
    it never goes out of style and is enjoyable for all.

  9. Blessedly, Virgina keeps the Macaca Moments coming. Now this isn’t as juicy as a viral video clip actually showing the livid details of the Real Virginian foot going down the throat, but it is words typed on a page by a man in his thirties.

    This will be seen as the turning point in this race, as the framing for women and indies is now set.

  10. It should also be noted that this whole flap occurred because McDonnell brought up the thesis while talking to a reporter.

  11. This WaPo article has hurt McDonnell to some extent. He is down according to the last PPP poll from a 14 point lead to a 7 point lead over Democrat, Creigh Deeds.

  12. Well what would you expect from a disciple of Jesus Christ himself. Heard this somewhere on heard (GWLSM) that said someone claimed that Jesus spoke English or something to that effect.

    It is known that you can only deal in life with the brain cells that you have of course with other factors such as genetic mutations. In this case it has to be a long line of inbreeding.

    Where is Anita when you need her? Do you think she came back as another Queen?

  13. To me, the operative fact is that this was his thesis for graduate school when he was 32 years old, not the ramblings of some recent graduate with no life experience under his belt. A quick read of his sources finds all the usual sophists like the Family Research Council. Spots may change sometimes, but the leopard’s attitude does not.

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