Men Lining Up for Admission into John School

Grad08cacWell, there are mandatory parenting and driving schools. Now, there are “John schools” for men caught soliciting prostitutes. Cities are turning to John schools to curb prostitution. They might have to teach some old dogs new tricks. This week, an octogenarian was arrested in a sting targeting johns outside of Washington.

Arresting elderly johns is nothing new. Indeed, in the Washington area a couple of years ago, A 72-year-old former mayor of Dumfries Melvin “Mel” Bray was charged with “keeping a bawdy place,” a misdemeanor for running a brothel, here.
In most cities, you can graduate John school in one day. In Nashville, the classes are held in a church and run in part by former prostitutes.

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13 thoughts on “Men Lining Up for Admission into John School”

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    Enjoy your scotch and placidils.

  2. Buddha Is Laughing 1, September 4, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I’ve always like Carlin’s take on the logic of criminalized prostitution. “It’s illegal to sell something you can give away?”


    You are a complete oinker, BILe -totally and completely…

    … Yuck – O!

    And the circle is still complete and wide, regardless of your ‘input’…


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  3. The social issue here is not whether we can teach an old dog new tricks, but whether we can find new jobs for old tricks.

  4. I’ve always like Carlin’s take on the logic of criminalized prostitution. “It’s illegal to sell something you can give away?”

  5. Curbing prostitution is not the clever way to go, idiot puritanists. It will only increase rape and crime in general. Time to keep your nose out of people’s private lives and walk the effin walk.

  6. Before AY gets to pick on me about it, the use of “sick” instead of “sic” was intentional.

  7. “The accused came from all walks of life: Retirees, dads and twentysomethings. An engineer, a business owner and an auto worker. A man in a wheelchair. Men in need of Spanish or Farsi translators.”

    Prostitution is based on the law of supply and demand. The thinking is: Women won’t stop selling sex until men stop buying.

    Lets see, hmmmm, I don’t agree. So you punish the User instead of the dealer? Sounds like our governmental efforts (resources) are being used wisely. War on Drugs anybody.

    Change the scene, we are in a bar. Man meet woman, man buys woman drink, woman drinks drink. Woman says I need some gas money to get to your place and the man happy at the prospect slips her 4 jacks. The Man and woman meet at his home, they are together. Man and woman sleep together. Has anyone committed a crime?

    This type of behavior happens all the time. So whats the big deal with it?

    Fight real crime. Temple Prostitutes are even mentioned in the bible.

  8. mespo,

    They asked me about being an instructor. Sure, it was flattering, but when they complained about my rates? I had to sick my pimp on them.

    Ohhhh, you meant from the John side of the line.


  9. Buddha:

    My line number’s 47. How about you? Purely academic reasons, of course. 🙂

  10. Two people who make a voluntary exchange are both better off or they wouldn’t do it. In this case the exchange is sex for money. Laws against sex for money seek to impose a moral constraint on actions that actually benefit both parties.

    In the article it states “The thinking is: Women won’t stop selling sex until men stop buying.” That underscores that both parties are voluntarily making this transaction!

    The government has worked on the supply side and the demand side in the war on drugs for decades, and what has it brought us? Global criminal gangs? Corrupted law enforcement? Rampant property crime? Twisted economic opportunities for youth? Ever harder drugs? Widespread diseases and dangers for users?

    Hypocritically, our society both permits and accepts this same conduct – sex for money – when both parties are compensated, such as in adult films.

    Decriminalize. Legalize. Walk away.

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