Reich Message All Wrong? German AIDS Awareness Video Under Attack

preview_320_260_1There is an interesting controversy brewing internationally over the use of the advert (shown below) entitled “Aids is Mass Murder” featuring Adolph Hitler as engaged in unprotected sex. It is a PETA-like shock video that has many activists complaining that it vilifies HIV-positive people here.

The advert was released as part of World AIDS Day 2009 in Germany. It is the work of the Regenbogen organization in that country.

Various groups are speaking out against the advert, here.


It can also be found here.

Others have defended the advert as effective and powerful. You can decide for yourself, but I can see the objections. However, these types of gruesome or shock adverts are becoming the norm. This same week, there are objections to an anti-cellphone advert, here.

WARNING: Graphic images

12 thoughts on “Reich Message All Wrong? German AIDS Awareness Video Under Attack”

  1. AY, if you mean that when our government (and the Red Cross) had an opportunity to act to prevent the coming HIV/AIDS epidemic during the Regan Administration and made the deliberate decision to do nothing, then I’m with you all the way:

    “And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic” by Randy Shilts (A great book on the early history (discovery really) and politics of HIV/AIDS)

    CIA? nawwww, (IMO) the CIA’s no match for the majesty of virtually unlimited time and opportunity for nature to cook something up on its own.

  2. It is an epidemic that I believe was created by our government. Now how do we stop what has been rumored to be created by the CIA?

  3. getplaning,

    I believe my comment might have been misconstrued. As far as not sticking around, I never meant those conditions that the individual bears no or little responsiblity in developing,such as cancer , Parkinsons, etc. And also, generally speaking those conditions are not contagious, so no or little personal risk to one’s health. ( there are exceptions of course, such as the role of viruses in oral, anal, cervical cancers, etc)

    Regarding STDs and other blood borne diseases, I have an entirely different perspective. First, the individual is generally responsible through a reckless act such as unprotected sex or IV drug abuse. And second, by hanging around and engaging romantically with them, I will be subjecting my own health to risk. The idea is absurd to me, and that’s why I fail to understand some of those people.

  4. NPO-
    That seems a bit cold. If your spouse was diagnosed with any potentially terminal illness, Cancer, HIV, Parkinsons, would you stick around, or abandon them? I find the lack of compassion in your comment quite baffling.

  5. I know of quite a few people whose partners, or spouses are HIV positive, but are deciding to stick around and risk it. Despite asking questions from them, and hearing some explanations,such as “being in love”, “he is soulmate” , etc, I still find the rational behind their behavior quite baffling.

  6. Oh and check out this. I hope by now, this young girl has seen this video. Check out this story…well it’s a rather short story.

  7. The texting video is pretty graphic. But it’s an excellent educational tool that should be used in driver’s ed classes here in America. Some people have actually experienced such results due to texting.

    I’m going to recommend this video to our local highschool, I think that it would have a huge impact on many of the students.

  8. The AIDS ad is powerful. I agree with Hans that the ad is intended to anthropomorphize the disease itself, not to imply that those with the disease are actually murderers. I think this makes it quite effective.

    The controversy is a mark of success and likely a goal prior to the creation of the ad, as we have seen with Abercrombie & Fitch, D&G, PETA, and other so-called shockvertising.

  9. “AIDS is a mass murderer.” Slightly different: they’re anthropomorphizing AIDS, rather than calling those who spread it mass murderers.

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