Getting Scratch For Crack: Florida Man Arrested in Alleged Flea-to-Crack Scheme

jeffie+morrisJeffie Dewitt Morris, 36, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida is not your typical addict looking for a fix. Morris came up with the idea of shoplifting flea and tick medication to pay for crack.

Morris was stopped at a Wal-Mart with hot flea and tick medication that he hoped to sell for drugs. There is no indication whether he attempted to flea . . .

Unlike stolen televisions or jewelry, this is a bit of a labor intensive way of supporting a habit. You first have to shoplift the medication and then find someone with an itching pet who would be willing to buy tick medicine from a stranger. Since the tick medicine was only $8, Morris was looking at a number of amateur vet sales to make the scratch needed for the crack.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Scratch For Crack: Florida Man Arrested in Alleged Flea-to-Crack Scheme”

  1. AY,

    Dandelion Wine is for Amateurs…
    the truly adventerous make Kvas

    Or Chicken Beer, which is basically an ale brewed with a chicken carcass added to the fermenter. No link for that one, but I believe the recipe is in one of Palmer’s home-brew books.

  2. An NYC comedian once quipped “The best thing about crack is that it invented the $3 blow job.” Flea season is almost over, but I don’t think blow job season ever ends.

  3. Are you sure this miscreant hasn’t devised a way to turn flea and tick medication into a drug? From what I read and hear, people are sniffling, snuffling and inhaling almost any chemical they can stuff up their nose or breathe into their lungs.

    When I was a kid my sister and I decided to try smoking. Since neither of our parents smoked, (and it was really hard to present an 8 and 12 year old as being adults and the grocery store), we had to devise something to smoke. So we picked some “plants” out of the backyard which we thought were most likely tobacco, wrapped them in newspaper, and lit up. Mother caught us at this little venture. I got spanked and Sis had to wash dishes every evening for a month.

    In case you’re wondering, as far as I can tell, one cannot get “high” smoking dandelion leaves.

  4. If people will smoke drano the inert ingredient for crack, what else will they do?

  5. I suppose this indicates that it is easier to steal flea stuff and fence it than it is to steal crack directly?

    Either that or this guy is an insurance health care bureaucrat who lost his job a while back?

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