Texas Teenager Arrested in Wendy’s Prank Posted on YouTube

10mwMarkle170px-Wendy's_logo.svgJames Tyler Markle, 19, has been arrested in another prank case. In this case, his prank at a Wendy’s in Texas cost over $20,000 and resulted in charges of one count of terrorizing and one count of felony criminal damage to property.

The prankster posted the prank on YouTube, which ultimately proved his undoing:

The incident occurred on June 21st when Markle allegedly called the restaurant pretending to be from the corporate office. The caller convinced the staff to “test” the fire-suppression system–resulting in flooding the restaurant with foam. He then instructed them to evacuate the restaurant and smash all of the windows to vent the toxic fumes. One employee was cut by glass in the process. At one point, Markle instructed employees to urinate on the worker’s cut on his neck to neutralize the toxicity. That is when an officer showed up and stopped them.

Police say that Markle tried the same prank at other businesses and that he was part of a group called “Pranknet.” They worked with TheSmokingGun.com to uncover his identity.

The prank could cost him a maximum of 18 years, though I find the increasing use of terrorism charges in such cases to be problematic. A felony charge is warranted but we are defining terrorism so broadly that it is losing its meaning.

We have seen very similar prank cases recently, here. In some cases, it is the manager or the employees who carry out the prank. It is astonishing what people will do after receiving calls from strangers, including people who were willing to given themselves rectal examinations, here.

While in torts “the volunteer suffers no wrong,” there are exceptions for fraud, mistake, or misrepresentation.

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7 thoughts on “Texas Teenager Arrested in Wendy’s Prank Posted on YouTube”

  1. Anyone that convincing over the phone should be hired by the police department as a hostage negotiator.

  2. He won’t have to worry too much. He’s white and therefore this was a youthful indescretion. As you described him yourself professor he’s a “teenager”, although 19 yrs old is an adult for people of color, hell 17 when the prosecutors can get it. Had he been black, Hispanic or of Mid-East desent, then you’d have a very serious crime that must be punished to the fullest extent of the law and an example would have need to to be made of him. Same old story here in “the land of the free and home of the brave”.

  3. Laugh, Laugh, Snicker. This is too stupid to be true. I guess it is true. OMG, calling hotel residents to break windows to let out the gas. Employees breaking windows at the direction of someone on the phone is just too funny.

    Is this an Federal Case or a state case? If you have ever been to Diboll, Texas, you’d understand. Rural, close to Louisiana a kid has to have fun somehow. Why were the people so stupid to listen to this kid? I am not saying that he should get off Scott free but come on.

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