A Heckle Becomes a Rallying Cry: Joe Wilson Calls for Donations to Keep From “Being Muzzled”

Rep. Joe Wilson has gone on the offensive with the release of this fund-raising video calling for contributions to prevent critics from “muzzling” him. This follows a \flood of contributions to his opponent Rob Miller in the immediate aftermath of his outburst on the floor of the House of Representatives during the President’s address — when he called President Obama a liar. For the original video, click here.

It appears to be working. After the releasing of the new video, Wilson has raised $200,000 (here). That is $100,000 per word and counting.

The video is much more combative than his initial statement to the media, which notably says that he called the White House to apologize on orders from his leadership (as opposed to his own initiative):

Now, he appears to be using the outburst as a rallying cry and tells supporters that they must contribute to him so he “will not be muzzled.” Does that mean that the level of contributions will directly support different levels of unmuzzled outbursts? For example, he might be able to set goals like “a thousand dollars will secure a loud snicker; ten thousand dollars will secure an audible Harumph!; one hundred thousand will secure a clearly shouted invective; and one million will secure both a heckling and vulgar hand mannerisms.”

In the ad, Wilson warns: “They want to silence anyone who speaks out against it. They made it clear they want to defeat me and pass the plan.”

The last known effort of members to muzzle an outspoken critic is shown below and only had limited success:

The message seems to be if you do not want members to muzzle Hannibal the Heckler, give generously.

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  1. From NBC’s Mike Viqueira
    The White House tonight is providing the below clarification on what the president’s health-care proposals would mean when it comes to the issue of illegal immigrants.

    Today, for the first time as far as we know, the administration is backing a provision that would require proof of citizenship before someone could enroll in a plan selected on the exchange.

    Here, the administration also concedes that hospitals would be compensated with public funds for the care of undocumented immigrants.


  2. At least he didn’t do this


    or it wasn’t John McCain


    Defending His Amnesty Bill, Sen. McCain Lost His Temper And Screamed, “F*ck You!” At Texas Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

    Sen. McCain Repeatedly Called Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) an “A**hole,” Causing A Fellow GOP Senator To Say, “I Didn’t Want This Guy Anywhere Near A Trigger.”

    Sen. McCain Had A Heated Exchange With Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) And Called Him A “F*cking Jerk.”

    In 1995, Sen. McCain Had A “Scuffle” With 92-Year-Old Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) On The Senate Floor.

    Sen. McCain Accused Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Of the “Most Egregious Incident” Of Corruption He Had Seen In The Senate.

    Sen. McCain “Publicly Abused” Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL).

  3. jenx67, thanks for the link to Rep. Fallin’s thought processes. I hope you will not eventually be burdened with her occupancy of the Oklahoma governor’s mansion.

  4. Who are “they”?

    I am taking up a collection to buy copies of “Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior” to send to all Republicans.

  5. I might donate money to Joe to take the short bus home, but not to stay in government. I am not sure there is enough clorine in the world to help the GOP clean up it’s gene pool…

  6. A public relations/campaign lesson here for all. The night Joe Wilson made a colossal idiot of himself, his opponent’s Web site was nearly inaccessible. It was over capacity. I couldn’t even get on it. The moral of the story: prepare for your opponent to position you as the winner because you make an a** out of yourself in front of all of America. South Carolina is having bad luck with politicians lately. =)

    Also, JT, you might be interested in this piece from a quasi-news/political/sardonic blog in Oklahoma – it exposes tweets from Congresswoman Mary Fallin during the president’s speech. http://www.thelostogle.com/2009/09/09/mary-fallin-does-not-pay-attention/

  7. I’m quite sure that INDEPENDENT registrations wil be going up significantly,in the next election cycle.Repubs are ruthless,and the Dems are spineless.

  8. If you don’t respect the man at least respect the office. This is a rally for what?

    it is estimated that when Kay Bailey Hutchinson resigns from the Senate to run against Gov Rick Perry will cost over 30 million. That is just bad economics ego driven narcissism.

    What will we think of next?

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