Danish Viral Video of Mother Seeking the Father of Her Son is a Fake — and Possible Pitch for Tourism

This is an amazing story. This video went viral and shows an attractive Danish woman who used YouTube (and other sites) to look for the father of her baby boy (“August”) after a drunken one-night stand in Denmark. It now appears that she is actually an actress named Ditte Arnth Jorgensen and the video was a publicity stunt to get people to come to Denmark – apparently by highlighting the availability of drunken one-night stands with beautiful blond Danish girls.

The video has approached one million hits — so if true the ad geniuses succeeded at least on the level of exposure.

On the video, the mother explains that she is trying to find August’s father but “I don’t remember where you’re from, I don’t even remember your name. We ended up having sex … the next morning when I woke up, you were gone.”

What is astonishing is that the actress posts responses to concerned viewers like “I’m really overwhelmed and touched by all your nice comments and support from all over the world. It gives me hope that August’s father will see the video.”

Ms Jorgensen has not confirmed that VisitDenmark hired her in the hoax.

It is a perfectly horrible idea for a stunt — whether or not it was a tourist pitch. It mocks the plight of single mothers and uses their situation as the subject for a prank.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet has exposed what it says was as setup using an actress. The Danish tourism authority VisitDenmark has been accused of using tax money for the stunt. While I cannot believe that this agency would do something so patently stupid and juvenile, I sincerely hope that (if the allegations are proven) the next video is a group of former Danist tourism officials looking for work.

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  1. I can’t speak for Danish women, but I spent the best week of my life with a pair of Norwegian girls a few years back.

  2. nal 1, September 14, 2009 at 10:16 am

    That’s The Boxtops.


    See how valuable you are. Your interests are even outside editing posting(s). I would have taken it as an insult from Buddha, you know how those fat green avatars can be!

  3. You forgot that VisitDenmark also violated Danish law since commercials cannot be misleading and it must be clearly stated that it’s a commercial. I think whoever are responsible has been warned that they will be fired, unless they have already been.

    I don’t expect any answer to this, but I wonder how this applies to Youtube? Would VisitDenmark be responsible under Danish laws or under the laws under which Youtube is registed? That is also a question of whether they can legally be fired, I think. There are laws protecting employees from that in Denmark.

  4. Denmark borders Germany and so does The Netherlands it’s a 200 mile drive or rail trip across 2 borders. It would be a nice side trip to spend a couple of days and visit some seaside towns in Germany and Denmark if you were going to visit The Netherlands. It would also be a nice side trip instead of visiting The Netherlands if you were going to visit Germany or were German and had a weekend holiday coming up. Perhaps the fact that the Netherlands is trying to abolish drug tourism has something to do with enticements from Denmark to visit?

  5. This ties in with many other questions raised on this blog. We have technology that enables people to take completely false material and present it as if it were real. At the same time our media literacy and critical thinking skills are discouraged, if they are even taught to begin with. We still have “independent” pentagon analyists giving us the “straight story” on how well the wars of empire are going. We have corporate groups masquerading as home grown activist organizations. The capability for manipulation by govts and corporations with nearly unlimited financial resources is far greater than we believe. The legal tools preventing the exposure of such fake “truths” are matched by the dearth of money for actual investigative reporting. I recommend the book, “Life Inc.” by Doug Rushkoff. Understanding how we are being manipulated takes on urgency in a time of crisis regarding both the economy and the rule of law.

  6. You guys might not have as good of a time as you think.The Danes are very stoic. The rock concerts there are even quiet. They don’t like immigrants very well. They think Americans are loud and strange particularly Texans.

  7. AY you take Delta from Dallas and change planes in Atlanta. We went last year. The people are good looking and they take very good care of themselves. They have “socialized medicine”. They have bike lanes that are equivalent to car lanes so they are very fit no matter what age they are. You should go before winter sets in there. My daughter took a semester in Copenhagen and wants to go back.

  8. You’re damn straight. Get me her number I’ll make my own arrangements. Nah, nah, nah the nah na. Beat you to it. Old Green One. So to say.

  9. Appalling to single moms? As the child of a single mother, I’d have to say yes. Single mom’s get “the stinky end of the stick” from society as a general rule.

    But . . .

    As an aspirating human male of adult age? It’s pretty funny simply because is shows men often think with the wrong organ and are willing to spend money based on that “thought” process. I hope Denmark is flooded with hyper-libidinal tourists eager to part with their euros. I see AY is already in line . . . 😀

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