The True Test of a Father’s Love: Dad Catches Foul Ball in Phillies Game Only To Watch in Horror As Daughter Throws It Back

mlbf_6663629_th_13(available here). Steve Monforto is overjoyed with catching a foul ball in the game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals. He proudly gives the ball to his daughter only to watch three-year-old Emily throw it back.

Ultimately, a father’s love overcomes a fan’s loss as you can see in the video. It is moments like this that you see the reason God makes kids so cute.

Of course, when they get a bit older than can be a virtual ball machine like this twelve-year-old kids who catches not one but two hits off the same bat:

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35 thoughts on “The True Test of a Father’s Love: Dad Catches Foul Ball in Phillies Game Only To Watch in Horror As Daughter Throws It Back

  1. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.”

    Any good copyright lawyers here’bouts?

  2. Probably the reaction she has at home with dad,when they toss a baseball around.He throws it to her and she throws it back.LOL!!

  3. As a baseball fan and lover of the Tigers, if Ordonez popped one into the seats and my little girl tossed it back, I would probably crawl into a hole, then pull the hole in with me….

  4. Go Tigers! Go Blue. How bout that win over the Irish? The Maize and Blue are back baby! CW is on the cusp of being dumped by the AD of Notre Dame. SC is coming to South Bend in about four weeks. OUCH! Let the beatings begin…

  5. What about the mythical BCS National Championship! How bout Florida and Texas. Methinks Texas Tech might pull an upset in Austin this saturday…..

  6. Are the Royals still in KC, I thought that they had mooooved on down to the slaughter house? What 19 games behind Det? Will they even be allowed to play the remainder of the season? Will they be allowed to disgrace the American league with such a record? Will the players be arrested for theft? Embezzlement? Taking money under false pretenses? Breach of Contract? Scamming? These are all legitimate questions, would you not agree?

  7. Slickone,

    I didn’t say I wasn’t a bit verklempt over the season’s stats. And that’s putting it mildly. I was hoping for a better year, but realistically I knew next year would be the soonest they’d approach the play offs. Still got to root for my boys though. Rain or shine, I’m still a Royals Fan. Since before pine tar.

    I still think they have all the “fixins” as it were, but some of the guys are young and they need a little time to gel. The big question is when the talent they’ve got starts to develop, will the office pony up the cash to keep them here and keeping them healthy, especially our pitching. Grinke is going to be a Hall of Fame-er if he can stay healthy and stay calm (something he’s really gotten better with too, good work Z, keep it up).

    I’m patient. I just hope the checkbooks are patient with Hill’s planning. I still think he’s a solid coach.

    That being said, the odds despite what Vegas runs are still really fifty-fifty. Either they win or they don’t. Sometimes the Gods of the Diamond favor the underdog.

    Go Royals!

  8. If that was the Nationals game it was, most certainly, the best catch of the day!

    Welcome back FFLeo from your self-imposed but principled exile.

  9. That father did not even have enough time to switch the game ball with a substitute one to throw back like they do at Wrigley Field. He was very graceful in dealing with his daughter after it. Kudos on the catch and on staying positive with your daughter!
    One more thing, my White Sox will be back!

  10. This was interlaced this evening on the network news with a story about the famous who behave badly. Refreshing… want to find the true America instead of what the news spouts out? Go to a ball game… hope there was no copyright infringement there.

  11. Mespo,

    You are a very wise, deep-thinking, reflective man. Thank you for recognizing the intent of my actions.

    There were 2 posts to which I was compelled to reply, because we never know what the morrow might bring…

    (Oh, and you can be a contrary hard-headed cuss, at times)

  12. Good for her that she wasn’t infected with this country’s obsession with professional sports while the Pentagon bombs the world. Her father probably would have put the ball up for sale on ebay, and found a buyer.

  13. FFELO,

    Welcome back indeed.


    As to that article, yeah . . . that’s not going to cause any trouble. Erik Prince should be put UNDER a prison. Thankfully it looks like this theocratic ass is going to give us an excuse to go to war with Barbados. Much nicer than fighting in the desert.

  14. Hey Buddha,

    Some people are gluttons for punishment…

    There are simply too many good, intelligent people here to stay away without a restraining order from ‘fesser T–which I would likely violate anyway.

  15. MA,

    I agree. I have watched that video at least 5 times…being a Dad myself, I was pleased to observe the Dad’s honest, immediate response and the surprise on the Mom’s face with that big smile. This is simply one of those ‘makes you feel good’ videos and demonstrates the importance of deep family ties.

  16. FFLEO,
    Having been away for awhile myself I didn’t even know you were gone, but I certainly am happy you’re back.

  17. Buddha,
    As a Royals fan your hope springs eternal and envisions the days of Brett and Otis. As a Mets fan myself, I glory in each forlorn season of dashed hopes, followed by hopeless despair.
    When one is from NY and hates the Yankees, there are few blue skies to overwhelm the dark clouds of defeat. Mets fans and Ingmar Bergman movie lovers have a lot in common.

  18. CCD, Mike Spindell, Buddha et al.

    Whenever you people and other regulars do not post, know that we all notice your absences.

    I just took a brief sojourn from the blawg to observe what it might be like to become barred from this site. Suffice to say, I would not want to ever be unable to access and post within this blawg whenever I wanted. Professor Turley’s topics, the regulars’ comments, and the vast knowledge herein are all simply too good to miss.

    Thanks to all, and as CCD knows, never make a list of people to thank because one is bound to forget a name or two.

  19. FFLEO,
    It was quite interesting being away from home and only barely looking at my laptop for almost 3 weeks. There is life beyond the internet. However, I must say that I missed spending time with you all, but the kids, grandkids and family have given my life its real meaning and were the focus of my attention. Even though my friends at this site (and of course JT) don’t rate numero uno in my life, at this point in time for me you’re all pretty important.

  20. Mike S:

    “Even though my friends at this site (and of course JT) don’t rate numero uno in my life, at this point in time for me you’re all pretty important.”


    I’ll proudly take a top ten spot in your world–even a top 100.

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