Video: English Police Search for Mad Chicken Licker

Police in England are using this video put on the Internet to search for a man who calls himself Adeel Ayub after he (and apparently an accomplish) filmed Ayub committing gross acts of vandalism at a Asda store (owned by Walmart), including opening packages and licking fresh chickens.

If salmonella has not finished off the chicken licker, the police would like to. He appears to be a supermarket worker who committed these acts after hours, including urinating in a bin in the gentlemen’s lavatory, playing cricket with food, smashing eggs and setting off fire extinguishers. He seems to have a thing for chickens. He returned on one visit to stomp on fresh chickens.

Per a discussion in class yesterday on conversion, this would be a good case for demanding the value of the poultry rather than it s return from a defendant. Once licked, the value of the chicken is lost even though it is not destroyed.

The store in Preston, Lancashire had to temporarily close. Ayub worked for the company from 2005 until last year.
Asda released a statement that indicated that licking fresh chickens and putting them back on the shelf is actually against store policy: “We are absolutely disgusted and appalled by the behaviour of this man. We knew there was a problem and we now have evidence of criminal damage which our security staff and lawyers are discussing with police.”

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