Cincinnati Mother Arrested After Holding Down Six-Year-Old Boy and Ordering Her Five-Year-Old To Beat Him

tiffany+hunterTiffany Hunter, 26, takes a different approach to neighborhood or schoolyard fights than most parents. While most parents tell their children to avoid fights, Hunter is accused of holding down a 6-year-old boy and ordering her 5-year-old boy to beat him in the face.

Cincinnati police say that Hunter’s boy had told her that the other boy had ridden his bike. The other boy suffered a swollen cheekbone and other bruises. She is charged with assault and unlawful restraint.

The question is whether this should be a de facto reason to take the child from the home as evidence of someone unfit to serve as a parent. It is probably not going to be treated in that way by child services, which may temporarily remove the child if she is incarcerated.

Cincinnati police have been busy in dealing with adults with perverse ideas of proper adolescent care, here.

What is amazing is that this is not a unique offense, here. We have also seen a mother who drove their older children to hunt down rivals and kill them, here. Then there is the Fort Bragg soldier who enjoyed videotaping gladiator fights between his toddler and other babies, here.

Under torts, both the mother and child could be sued for assault and battery. Children are generally liable for their intentional torts as in Vosburg v. Putney and Garratt v. Dailey.

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For the story, click here.

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  1. This woman is yet another “charmer”. Someone should restrian her and proceed to give her a thumping about the ears!

  2. Are we sure this lady isn’t from Texas? This is a horrible action by this woman. She should not be alowed near any children if she is making decisions like this.

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