Alleged West Virginia Burglar Nailed After Facebook Fix

jonathan+parkerWe have seen Facebook involved in various alleged crimes through the years (here, here). However, Jonathan Parker, 19, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, has created a category of his own in alleged Facebook felonies: he was arrested after leaving his Facebook account on a victim’s computer — apparently after stopping during a burglary to log into his page.

The Pennsylvania man allegedly broke into a woman’s home and stole two rings worth $3500. Her computer, however, appeared too great a temptation for a Facebook fix. The victim later found the Facebook account still on her screen.

He has been charged with daytime burglary.

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5 thoughts on “Alleged West Virginia Burglar Nailed After Facebook Fix”

  1. i know this kid, he is a complete moron. i am very glad to know that he won’t be able to pollute our already polluted gene pool for a long while, but then again, i do not know what woman would want to reprduce with such a dumbass. i hope this kid goes to norway after his sentence is over, i know he’ll welcome a good rear entrance pounding in prison. good bye and good rittens jon parker!

  2. It is a joy knowing he won’t be spreading his genetic material into the gene pool, hopefully for “many moons” to come. While in the “joint”, he may find ways to spread his “material” along with his “butt cheeks”. I spoke to an ex-con once, who was brought in for treatment. He told me that he used to “jam’ his rear-end, flush up to the prison bars and let other cons’ zap him in the pooper, right through the grill. Upon his parole he flew to Norway to undergo gender reassignment. Ain’t life grand!

  3. Stupid is as stupid does. The advantage of sending him to prison for a couple of years is that he’s removed from the gene pool for awhile.

  4. Well daytime burglary’s are still that. I think the exception is from night when most people would be home and it posed a greater risk of personal safety for the inhabitants.

    Humm, something about facebook I confess I do not understand. Why, do you want to share what you are doing, with everyone? Too bad the cops don;t have facebooks. I imagine a lot of crime would be stopped.

    This guy is too stupid to be a real criminal.

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