Sneezegate: Chuck Todd Contaminates White House With Unguarded Sneeze

250px-Chuck_Todd2250px-Kathleen_Sebelius_alternate_HHS_portraitThe White House was the scene of a bio-hazard attack today when NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd sneezed into his hand rather than into his government-approved, network-supplied sleeve. The shocking violation of health security rules was captured on the video below and immediately caught by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who called for Purell and police (Ok, just the Purell).

Sebelius suggested to call in Elmo who would presumably go Medieval on Todd until he promised to sneeze in his sleeve.

Of course, Sebelius may have to make another stop in her Elmo tour on proper sneezing:

It is clear that the Administration’s educational efforts have been less than successful. They may want to look to this gem from our British cousins:

14 thoughts on “Sneezegate: Chuck Todd Contaminates White House With Unguarded Sneeze”

  1. Chuck Todd is a well known asshole who calls the public health care option a “far left democratic fetish”.

  2. Not only are media people filthy swine flu spreading suck ups to politicians, they aren’t very bright either. Anyone recall that “Geraldo” was once a “journalist”?

    It gets better . . .

    Andy Richter beat Wolf Blitzer on Celebrity Jeopardy.

    Andy : $69,000

    Wolf : -$4,600

    Priceless : The ration of shit Wolf got back in the fold of “The Situation Room”.

    Oh, I’m sorry! Did I say “beat”? I meant “STOMPED LIKE GODZILLA”.

    So what exactly is the “situation”, Wolf? You know, when comedians start to regularly look more competent than reporters?

  3. Why thank you pardon me, it snot the same snot being here sneither.

    I cannot remember laughing so hard at a video. The reaction and the look on than mom’s face is classic.

  4. Now if we could only get a panda to sneeze on Chuck.

    I’d pay a dollar to see that.

  5. Pardon me?

    Now that was funny! Thanks. I was waiting for the *other* one to sneeze.

  6. Don’t be Dopey when you’re Sneezy. Use a Sleevey.

    I’m home today with a sick child, else I’d be finishing up lunch duty with hands that smell like Bleachy.

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