Nigeria Demands Apology From Sony for Commercial

The nation of Nigeria is shocked that Sony is making fun of the country’s reputation as the haven for Internet fraud. The country is demanding an apology for this commercial — and the transfer of money to help release $10 million from the account of a deceased wealthy uncle.

I am often left cold by demands for such apologies from countries, like Brazil’s objections to an episode of The Simpson that referred to that country’s high crime and kidnapping rate. The country threatened to sue.

In this case, Nigeria has the well-earned reputation of one of the most corrupt places on Earth. The government has done little to shutdown the thousands of Internet scams that come that country and clog the mail of people around the world.

Yet, they are hurt and angry by an ad that includes the line: “You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Otherwise I’d be a Nigerian millionaire by now.”

Of course, true is a defense to defamation — putting aside the obvious protection for opinion. The safest legal advice for the rules of Nigeria is to enforce your anti-fraud laws so that your country is not viewed as a joke.

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11 thoughts on “Nigeria Demands Apology From Sony for Commercial”

  1. Hey Slick, I am not fur sure ner fur sartin’ but I think them boyz is a’tryin’ ta scam ya…

  2. Byron,
    Thanks, yes Slickone I’ll need that stuff too and I’ll deposit
    $200,000 just as soon as I get the info from you.

  3. Slickone:

    ditto what Mike S said, if you send today I can deposit minimum 100k to help you get the 25 mil.

    I will also need the routing number of the bank and any credit card numbers with expiration dates and security codes on the back (Amex codes are on the front and are 4 digits) to be able to process these funds more expeditiously.

    Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

  4. I’ll be happy to apologize as soon as I receive what was promised in return for all those Fedex and Western Union fees I’ve been paying over the past year.

  5. Slickone,
    Please send me the account number and password of your real bank so that I can deposit funds to show my good faith and tide you over until you can receive your funds.

  6. I have a long distant cousin that has 25 million in this bank in England. I just need your confidence in this matter. I will share with you equally what supposed to mine. I do however have a request that I equally need your confidence in and this is the most upward importance to you. Please do not say anything to anyone this is a very confidential matter. I am needing assistance of a limited kind. You generosity is most appreciated. Please respond if you are able to help me,

  7. In the movie District 9 the ET’s are sold black market cat food (as people food) to eat by some smarmy Nigerians, last I read Nigeria has banned that movie. When your reputation is so bad you’re being called out in TV commercials and Sci-FI movies you probably ought to spend a little more time cleaning up your act instead of theirs. Just sayn’

  8. those emails are scams? How do you all think I have time to write on this blog.

    not everything you read on the internet is false either.

    All I can say is God bless Mommalockabubudu.

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