Air Stalker: California Pilot Arrested for Violating Restraining Order With Private Airplane

arrested180px-Beech.bonanza.arp.750pixA California pilot Tom Huey has been arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order by buzzing the neighborhood of a woman and dropping leaflets referring to her from his Beech single-engine plane.

The neighborhood issued an alert, here.

The police issued a statement that “[t]he leaflets referenced a specific person and contained defamatory language and racial slurs. As the investigation has progressed, it appears that the motivation behind this situation is a failed domestic relationship.”

The police arrested the 51-year-old pilot at the airport after he made a reportedly eight passes on the neighborhood. He had been served with a restraining order that day and was arrested on suspicion of stalking and violating a restraining order.

This is the first stalking by air case that I can remember. Usually the distance set in a restraining order refers to the ground area around the protected individual.

She can also sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress as well as possible defamation.

For the full story, click here and here.

7 thoughts on “Air Stalker: California Pilot Arrested for Violating Restraining Order With Private Airplane”

  1. He followed me from malibu beach 2003 to Madison ct,
    to sturgis michigan to annarbor michigan…from 2003-2010
    noone has done nothing in these states he needs to be put in jail allof my neighbors are witnesss please the national guard or
    airforce do something he is dangerous. He knows I am single and alone and he is getting away with murder.
    They can track him down with radar… I want to be alone.
    Im single and want to stay that way……
    please help a innocent women

  2. It is Monday morning and I have a airstalker stalking me for 10 years it is now 2010……He hires people to fly around annarbor michigan… no one in michigan is doing nothing about it it is 1:30 in the afternoon
    How can get a job and go to college with this idiot doing this
    where are the laws in this state

  3. The pilot is also in dutch with the FAA if he violated the ‘500 foot rule’


    § 91.119 Minimum safe altitudes: General.
    Except when necessary for takeoff or
    landing, no person may operate an aircraft
    below the following altitudes:

    (c) Over other than congested areas. An
    altitude of 500 feet above the surface,
    except over open water or sparsely populated
    areas. In those cases, the aircraft
    may not be operated closer than
    500 feet to any person, vessel, vehicle,
    or structure.

  4. Never underestimate, or dismiss the power of unrequited love to cause people to do ridiculous and offtimes deadly acts.

  5. Again from that great book the “Urban Dictionary” it sounds like a “High Crime”to me:

    “High Crime

    A crime commited while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. High crimes are usually fairly harmless and poorly thought out. They are met with regret or a completely loss of memory of their occurance the next day. Victims of these crimes are usually perplexed as to why they were targeted. Vandialism, theft, and verbal/physical assult are most common.

    Guy: “This random guy started talking smack to me at the bar then shoved me!”

    Friend: “Sounds like you were a victim of a high crime.”

    Homeowner: “I went outside this morning and my lawn furniture was missing!”

    Officer: “I’ve seen alot of these, it was probably a high crime. Nothing I can do”

  6. And to think that Iranians feel as safe. This is a really bizarre situation. I presume the punishment will be appropriate under these circumstances.

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