Seattle Officer Fired Over Videotaped Beating of Teenage Girl in Cell

090227_deputy_videoKing County deputy Paul Schene, 31, has been fired over his beating a 15-year-old girl on Nov. 29 incident in a holding cell at SeaTac City Hall. The video below shows a shocking escalation of violence by Schene.

Schene and another deputy arrested a pair of 15-year-old girls for investigation of auto theft after they were stopped driving a stolen car. It appears that, while trying to take her shoes off, the girl kicked off her left shoe, which struck the deputy in the shin. The video shows Schene going berserk.

The second officer in the video was a trainee and does not appear to participate in the beating.
Notably, Schene was investigated previously for shooting two people in 2002 and 2006 (including killing one person). However, both were found to be justified.

His attorney, Anne Bremner, released a statement that stressed that the videotape leaves a false impression. She opposed the release “because it does not tell the whole story of the incident. As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy’s right to a fair trial.” The fair trial concern may have merit though it is hard to see how this reaction would be viewed appropriate.

Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Office stated “Nobody wants our people to be engaged in this sort of behavior and I think the videotape speaks for itself.” The termination has been upheld and was effective this month. He will go to trial next month on fourth-degree assault next month.

One has to give King County credit for its response. We have seen recently a series of videotaped beatings or false arrests with no discipline, here and here and here and here. In other cases, authorities (as in King County) did bring charges and a jury acquitted the officer, as in the recent Denver case.

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22 thoughts on “Seattle Officer Fired Over Videotaped Beating of Teenage Girl in Cell

  1. It is about time that a police department does the right thing and voluntarily reins in obvious abuse by one of its officers. I hope that the detainee’s family shakes some serious cash out of the city coffers. I do hope that the police department trainee is being re-trained by someone who knows how to do their job.

  2. This appears to be a correct result. However, I would expect something like this as a result out of Oregon. Louisiana, not so much.

  3. rafflaw:
    :It is about time that a police department does the right thing and voluntarily reins in obvious abuse by one of its officers.”

    I agree totally with you on that,Theres a case in paterson,nj,where an assault was caught on tape.
    And the officer was indicted and suspenend with out pay as was his partner,who was suspenend I assume for not intervening with the assault on the civilian.

  4. rafflaw

    The key phrase in your post seems to be “a “police department”. Police officers are all too rarely suspended, fired or jailed for their senseless over-testosteroned violence.

    We should catagorize these kinds of incidents as “Sgt. Crowleys” in “honor” of the Cambridge, MA officer who just HAD to show Professor Gates who was the boss.

  5. The beat goes on as officers in search of respect, knowing the long odds against consequences, make up for their own psychic inadequacy by showing how tough they are and not reining in their own tempers. Unprofessional, unconstitutional and yet we will no doubt see a fair share of defenders of stuff like this.

  6. We need zero tolerance laws for this nonsense. There are plenty of young guys without jobs who would serve and protect with the best of them. It’s long-overdue for law enforcement to rid themselves of this cancer.

  7. Obviously he came back in to see if any blood was on the wall. This derelict cop was momentarily frightened that his own sadistic bahavior may get his “butt” in trouble! This is another example of “sociopathy” that has manifested in a big city police force. This policeman needs to be stripped of his badge and incarcerated with the “animals” he likes to emulate. Their is no place for these “rogue” cops, who are on a power trip!

  8. In the military we had the charge of “Failure to Suppres” which was used when people and either failed to report or did nothing to prevent a crime. Why shouldn’t the Rookie be charged with a similar charge of failing to do his duty. My concern is without the video this crime would not have been brought to light and no one would have been held accountable.
    It seems like a step in the right direction but there seems to be more incidents occuring as law enforcement views the citizens as the enemies of the state. I can’t help but feel there are many more police abuses that go unpunished or reported than before and the police are becoming stealthier in thier crimes against the citizens they are supposed to protect.

  9. hey, the heroic officer did a good deed by giving a well deserved ass beating to a disrespectful and defiant teenage criminal.

    The officer should be known as a hero!!!

  10. Billy said,

    “Obviously he came back in to see if any blood was on the wall. ”

    your comment is an example of how people jump to conclusions without the benefit of sufficient facts. It also suggests that you are not particularly intelligent as you simply do not have sufficient data to draw that conclusion.

    Now, before I tell you what really happned, what led your low-IQ self to that conclusion?

    What actually happened is the criminal girl pissed on herself! It was urine being cleaned up, not blood! .

  11. We will see…there is a jury trial in a week or so. The jury will decide.

    What if a jury acquits the officer…will you accept the verdict?

  12. “You’ve already judged former King County deputy Paul Schene,
    “the heroic officer”

    Even though I do not agree that what he did was a crime, a jury gets to decide. They can evaluate the facts better than I, since they will have all of them in testimony.

    If I were on a jury, I would not convict an officer for that act regardless of what the technicalities of the law are.

  13. “By your own words shall we know you and the picture is bleak.”

    Remember the Rodney King trial where the venue was changed to Simi Valley, where loads of police happened to live? Should I accept that verdict, or my lying eyes? It is clear from your statements that you would acquit an officer of anything, which shows a distressing need to kowtow to all authority, whether right or wrong.

  14. Anne Bremner has vigorously campaigned for the release of Amanda Knox – a sadistic sex killer. She has repeatedly misled the media and the public with a number of false claims.

    She may be able to suppress the truth about what happened when she was arrested by blocking the release of the investigative reports and video.

    However, she won’t be able to suppress the truth about Amanda Knox. The English translation of Judge Massei’s report can be downloaded from here:

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