Tank Tort: Another Drunk Russian Soldier Takes Armored Vehicle for a Spin

180px-BVP-2_military_parade_Prague180px-Monopolowa_Baczewski.JPGWe previously watched the video below of a drunken Russian tank driver careening around a town a. Now we have another incident in Perm, Russia where a drunken instructor took an armored infantry vehicle to go buy more booze. He said it was the only vehicle he could locate at the time. He ended up crushing one person and injuring another at a nearby shop.

The sergeant was drinking with his students from the Perm Military Institute of Interior Troops when they ran out of alcohol. He took the armored vehicle at 2 am to find more booze and ran over the people who were standing by a shop booth. He not only crushed them with the 14-ton BMP-2 vehicle but ran over a nearby fence.

Legal question: in the United States, would tank driving be treated as an abnormally dangerous or ultra-hazardous activity subject to strict liability?

Here is the earlier tank incident video:

For the full story, click here.

3 thoughts on “Tank Tort: Another Drunk Russian Soldier Takes Armored Vehicle for a Spin”

  1. OMG:

    Who in their right mind sits on a toilet in Wal-Mart?

    BiL: I have to admit that taking the seat of a tank and running around town sounds like an awful amount of fun. Its the crushing people part that bothers me a bit.

  2. Come on. Be honest. Maybe not the ladies here, but the majority of the gents anyway. How long could you resist a tank after getting half way in a bottle if YOU had the keys? Even if it’s just to “take it out for a spin”?

    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Yeah. That’s what I thought. 😀 Of course, you can always argue “attractive nuisance”.

  3. This is not your Father’s Olsmobile. Gotta run.

    This is funny so long as it did not happen to you. Kinda like super glue on a toilet seat at walmart, not once but at three separate stores. Copy cats.

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