Teenager Arrested in Duct-Taping of Cat Crime

PHI+James+Davis+duct+tape+cat+suspectDuct Taped CatPolice have arrested James Davis, 19, who has reportedly admitted to committing the horrific crime of duct-taping a cat and throwing it away. The gray tabby was rescued and had its fur cut off to get the tape off. The cat was eventually rescued by a Bengal. George Bengal, that is, of the PSPCA.

The cat has been named Sticky and is recovering at the PSPCA.

Davis will hopefully be the one living in a cage for a while.

He is charged with animal cruelty and faces up to two years in prison and a minimum $1,000 fine.

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5 thoughts on “Teenager Arrested in Duct-Taping of Cat Crime”

  1. Buddha,
    You know that you are right statistically. High correlation of animal cruelty in youth as a predictor of sociopathy and psychosis.

  2. “Ahhhh . . . smell that, son? Sociopaths in the fall . . . smells like . . . the decline of civilization.”

  3. Well, maybe he’s looking for a football contract. I hears the eagles are hiring and not paying to bad for someone after doing time for animal cruelty.

    Hey wait a minute the eagles guy had a football career before the charges. What did this guy do? Well, cry me a river.

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