A Watch To Die For: California Doctor Accused of Abandoning Effort to Resuscitate Man In Order to Steal His Rolex

enmonIMG_2260smallDr. Cleveland James Enmon of St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, California is accused of an astonishing crime and act of malpractice. The family of Jerry Keith Kubena, Sr. allege in a lawsuit that Enmon was resuscitating Kubena when he noticed the expensive Presidential Rolex watch on his wrist. He then allegedly abandoned any serious effort to revive the man and instead stole the wristwatch. This is why I wear a $90 camping watch from REI.

21138165_240X180The retired policeman was brought into the hospital with cardiac arrest — and an expensive wristwatch. The family claims that Enmon quickly took control of the former until he spotted the latter.

“Plaintiffs are informed and believe and on that basis allege that decedent went into cardiac arrest. Defendant Enmon assumed the responsibility of resuscitating decedent. Once defendant Enmon formed the intent to steal decedent’s watch, he abandoned his efforts to resuscitate decedent leaving decedent to die so that he would not be around to reclaim his watch.”

According to the complaint, the nursing staff noticed that the timepiece was gone and then two nurses reportedly saw a wristwatch-shaped bulge in the doctor’s pocket.

Cameras capture Enmon walking out of the building after a nurse asked where the wristwatch was and another nurse saw him throw something on the grass. She led security personnel to that spot and found the watch. Yet, the hospital never called police. Now, the hospital is also being sued in a tort action for wrongful death; negligent hiring; negligent supervision; civil conspiracy; intentional infliction of emotional distress; and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Trespass to chattel is also possible but hardly needed.

The family says that it was not until eleven days later that the allegation was revealed to them.

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20 thoughts on “A Watch To Die For: California Doctor Accused of Abandoning Effort to Resuscitate Man In Order to Steal His Rolex”

  1. The cure for musical earworms. I warn you, it’s a painful replacement therapy, but one easier to be rid of in the long run. Don’t blame me. It was all Hugo Montenegro’s doing.


  2. Well, Sir Prof T, those with tin tympanic membranes deserve a musical ‘earworm’ with which to abide and I am most happy to oblige.

    Pleasant dreams in your attempts at slumber and as you prep for those critical oral arguments for the next decade as ‘Je N’Aurai Pas le Temps’ echoes in your sleep-deprived memory…”so much to do, if I only had time, if I only had time…”

    Oh, and may I suggest a ball-peen hammer instead, because it will leave a longer-lasting ringing in your ears to rid you of the ‘If I Only Had Time’ melody than that other kind of hammer.

  3. Buddha,

    Thanks. Had I not had careers in LE and science, I would have tried to become a professional musician. However, I could not stand the smoky bars and drunks, although I love the 1950s honky-tonk music that I grew up listening to, e.g. Crazy Arms, ol’ Hank, et cetera.

    ‘If I Only Had Time’ (Je N’Aurai Pas le Temps) is an all-time favorite of mine and I posted it here so others could hear it because the song never got the recognition it deserved.

    The first time I heard the beautiful haunting melody was as an instrumental—which I prefer—by Nick DeCaro & Orchestra in 1969. I would recommend that any instrumentalist—especially violinists—to listen to the instrumental on DeCaro’s ‘Happy Heart’ album (or any lover of instrumental music).

    Another beautiful, lyrical rendition:

    Vox Angeli Je N’aurais pas le temps

  4. FFEO,

    I really have to bow to your incredibly broad knowledge of modern music. That was super obscure. Appropriate, but obscure.

  5. While the ‘good’ doc is sittin’ in prison, he can sing this song:

    ‘If I only had time’

    1. FFLEO:

      I made the mistake of watching that video. Thank you very much. I will now take a ball peen hammer to my head to try to get that insipid song and video out of my head.

  6. The doc is a sleaze, but what was a retired cop doing with a Rolex? Probably a corrupt crook, as well.

  7. Mojo:

    would things have gone the way they did if the doctor had remembered that a “stitch in time saves nine”? Maybe it should be a “filch of time does nine”?

    As in nine years to life.

  8. I do have to ask though…wouldn’t negligent infliction be difficult to prove since the act was not witnessed by the family members?

  9. Watch?

    I don’t need no stinking watch…

    I have a Cell phone, iPod, GPS, laptop, and car radio with clocks on them. Why would I need another one???

  10. Roland,

    Are you implying manly man love, whose gonna stop me now? I got my horse and I need your plow. I’ll date you and [bleeping] you in the end, for this I’ll being again. Then I’ll be Blinded bi the light….. I could go on and on and on and on………

  11. Hopefully this idiot will lose his license to practice medicine and serve some time in prison. With any lick he won’t need to know what the time is cause his cell mate/prison husbad Theotis can remind him it’s time for luuuuuuv.

  12. I guess: “Time is NOT on his side” or This Little Watch of Thine” or he’s a Heart Stopper.

    The question I have is why did the retired policeman have a Presidential Rolex? It is about 45 Thousand on bid wire and retail is almost 67 Thousand. FYI, Rolex was not just another expensive watch until LBJ was given one by the Swiss Ambassador and then the prices sky rocketed.

    I guess that was a smart swiss moment.


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