iJail: Mr. Goodrich Goes to Jail After Threatening to Shoot His IPhone

StoryIt appears that there is an app for quick incarceration. Donald Goodrich, 38, was arrested after making threats against the operating life of his iPhone in an Apple store in Cincinnati.

Goodrich is unlikely to be offered a position as an “Apple Genius.” He told an employee in the store that he was “so mad, I could pop a 9mm at it.” When the employee assured him that that was not necessary (and presumably not an effective way of resolving iPhone problems), Goodrich showed him a gun and said “I’ll do it right now. Look!”

180px-IPhone_3G_S_sidesthumb_weapon_gun_smith_and_wesson_hand_ejectorWhat is interesting is that Goodrich had a concealed weapon permit. So he has been charged with aggravated menacing. It is not, however, menacing the IPhone, which would seem the most obvious victim here. (It was seen vibrating in fear). Rather, it was for causing fear in the employee. He is also accused of failing to tell a deputy that he had a gun, which is also curious since the deputy was responding to the call over his gun.

Goodrich would presumably be allowed to argue that this employee failed to get a joke and that just showing a gun tucked under a shirt cannot be criminal menacing. Either way, I assume the iPhone has been taken to an undisclosed location.

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  1. What kind of jerk shows a concealed weapon to a store employee (usually a young adult)? Better yet, what kind of jerk feels the need to carry a concealed weapon. I guess I’m a bad Texas for not understanding the freakish desire to bear arms.

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