How to Die a Virgin in Egypt: Leading Scholar Calls for the Execution of Women Buying Kits to Fake Virginity

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenAbdul Mouti Bayoumi, a well-known and influential scholar in Egypt, has called for the execution of women who buy female virginity-faking kits. Since such kits help conceal vice, he argues, their use should be a death-penalty offense under Sharia law.

VirginityThe kits are made in China and are sold in Syria for just $15.

The Egyptian Parliament is working on a ban for the product.

Violence against women for not being virgins is not limited to the Middle East, as shown in this case from England.

Bayoumi teaches at prestigious al-Azhar University.

Clearly, Egypt needs to fly in Deborah Parish to speak to the female population, here.

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13 thoughts on “How to Die a Virgin in Egypt: Leading Scholar Calls for the Execution of Women Buying Kits to Fake Virginity”

  1. I too was going to chime in, but most here have sed wut I wud hav sed.

    Instead I will repost another blogger’s commentary (named Victor) that I thought germane and perspicuous:

    “A better design would be an implantable device with a bladder which can be punctured when triggered. Design the trigger to be activated by either muscle contraction or “impact”. Include a removable “safety” to ensure it doesn’t pop before sex.”

    Apparantly, this device goes on the guy’s peter, I don’t know if it is supposed to be a stealth thing for him, or he has to go along with it. But Victor’s idea would allow everyone to be properly fooled, cept the bride.

  2. I was going to chime in on this subject, but Buddha said everything that I need to say on this topic.

    The only things I would add:

    1) Fundamentalist Islam is a threat to western values.

    2) The main difference between fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity is that the latter doesn’t have the political power to enforce its barbaric superstitions on outsiders – not yet anyway.

  3. As a group we generally have no use for young adolescent females. Please be gone with this gibberish.

  4. This is just another case of the abuse of women under the guise of religion. The Taliban must be alive and well in Egypt.

  5. Alex: I am sorry audience but we are currently having technical problems with the Jeopardy Theme Music from Youtube.

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    Alex: Proceed AY.

    AY: Buzzes in and says Alex: “What is a female virginity-faking condoms? And added in “As created by the Anti-Christ Dick Cheney.”

  6. Who is Forty-One, yes you are correct AY.

    You can clear the Double Jeopardy board with this final query:

    For 200 hundred AY,
    women can fake wedding night virginity with,
    chicken bladders (old school),
    hymen repair surgery (expensive),
    or female virginity-faking condoms (modern and inexpensive).

    Remember to please phrase your answer in the form of a question.

  7. CCD,

    For 100: What is George H. Walker Bush? Oops, meant to say: Who is George H. Walker Bush?

  8. The death penalty for something that “help[s] hide vice”. That’s a real interesting logic if you extrapolate it out far enough. Interesting in an insane theocratic repressive dictatorial way but interesting nonetheless as a fine example of faulty reasoning. Buildings help hide vice, so by extension, they should tear down all their buildings.

    Sharia is an evil upon the world. It is not a tool of Allah. It’s a tool of men used to justify shitty behavior in their god’s name just as much as the Bible has been distorted by Christian fundamentalist and used to justify their own atrocities.

    Women are NOT chattel. They are in fact about the only redeeming feature we have as a species. That Sharia treats them with such disrespect and cruelty says a lot about a people and a species.

    Meanwhile, in a cloaked observation ship watching Earth from L5, aliens watch us forming similar opinions to the very ones we moderns form when we examine headhunters or cannibals. Violent primitives. Or perhaps we don’t rate that high in their ordering of the complexity of organisms and civilization. Maybe they see us as a surface infection. Psoriasis of the Earth. I think I can safely say that either way, they are not likely impressed.

  9. Humm,

    I guess that they need to be schooled by the 56 Year old I am technically a Virgin. The only time I am late is when I am going to a hearing on abstinence.

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