Love Will Find a Way

humorous-042_smallThis may not be legal in Alabama, but it is still pretty remarkable.

Introductions to the respective parents of this couple may take a bit longer than usual.

My troubled mind had planned to tell you no
I’d stay here at home where I belong
Then the phone starts to ring and my heart begins to sing
How can anything so right be so wrong.

The words I planned to say I can’t recall
Your voice only makes my love grow strong
My conscience whispers no but my resistance is low
How can anything so right be so wrong.

My excited mind is searching for a reason
To get away again tonight from home
I know it’s wrong to cheat but our love I can’t defeat
How can anything so right be so wrong.

I feel so wrong at home knowing that I broke my vows
But when I’m in your arms I feel so right somehow
Right or wrong I know it’s true I can’t stop seeing you
But how can anything so right be so wrong…

I suggest you stare at this picture while listening to this video:

19 thoughts on “Love Will Find a Way”

  1. Actually, this was the “only” wild “grampus” I have seen. Years ago, I read an article that stated, in the middle ages it was common to see Killer Whales in the Thames River of England. In fact some were spotted on the Thames only a year or so ago, maybe longer..

  2. I saw my first “grampus” while sailing off of Santa Cruz Island, in the Channel Islands. The dorsal fin on the large male must have been close to “six feet” above the waves. It was one of the most awe-inspiring sights to be within 25 yards of this small pod..

  3. Coincidantally, Orcinus orca is the largest member of the family Delphinidae..

  4. That would be geese as skewered ‘spitees’ as opposed to ‘spiters’; right?

    However, I suppose one could hook up a goose to a treadmill or squirrel cage to turn ones spit. However would a goose take that spit jack job if his congener was a’bein’ roasted as the spiteed?

  5. FFLEO,

    Less able to keep our barns, ships, and other buildings mouse free, and working harder at herding and hunting?

    We’d still be o.k. with turning spits in Medieval European kitchens though, geese work great for that.

  6. Yes Gyges, I must agree. I have had to hose-off some very smelly stuff from dogs’ pelages–both personal pets and those I trained and cared for professionally in the Army.

    If folks knew what their dogs would roll in and then eat, they might think twice about those pooch smooches and licks, not to mention the zoonotic potentials of helminthes, et cetera.

    However, where would we be without man’s best friend and those devious kitty cats….

  7. FFLEO,

    From my life long association with dogs, I can honestly say, that dog is probably thinking “Oh man, I’d love to roll in THAT?”

  8. Love can bridge all gaps–except for bad breath.

    From the photographic evidence alone, this is a clear-cut case of unrequited love because the lovelorn water rover had such a whale-of-a-case of halitosis that it *curled* the ‘Land Rover’s’ tail.

  9. At least they both belong to the same class of animals.

    I give their romance two months–at best. Then their differences will cause them to part. Those canines are landlubbers–and those cetaceans aren’t land lovers. It would appear their love is ill-fated.

  10. Wow, Love and Cheatin, Gonna make the next meetin’, Never been so wrong and never felt so right. I guess when you get caught, you’ll know you been bought, but it was true love I sought. You’ll you when it is time to say so long. The judge will say in his song, you’ve been caught and and you’ll have to pay for this long. But then it is the choice of which one is wrong?

  11. BIL, That’s a killer whale and is a carnivore. The orca may be thinking “It looks like a seal, it barks like a seal. I wonder if it tastes……” Heeere doggie, doggie, doggie.

  12. This may not be legal in Alabama, but it is still pretty remarkable.

    LOL! 😉 As long as it is not within 1,000 yards of a school or a church, a residence or a grocery store, or anywhere else where children might be or even see something so horrendous as inter-species friendships. As you know, we need to ensure that their little eyes are protected from reality until they are 18 and can fight in Uncle George’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing like jumping right in to the deep end of the reality pool blind.

  13. Any of you carnivores out there that have dated a vegetarian know exactly what a huge hassle it is for dating & dining.

    Now, try to find a restaurant that has a swimming section.

    This poor dog is in for just misery and heartbreak.

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