Air Turbulence: Two Pilots Grounded After Allegedly Leaving Cockpit at 30,000 Feet to Punch Out Flight Crew

180px-Airindia_logo180px-Boeing_707_Air_India_Basle_-_1976I have heard of air turbulence but this is ridiculous. Two Air India pilots — identified as Commander Ranbeer Arora and Captain Aditya Chopra — are grounded after they allegedly left the cockpit of their Airbus A320 to punched flight crew members who accused them of sexual harassment — in front of freaked out passengers.

An air hostess accused the men of sexual harassment and then the fight began at 30,000 feet with punches and flight members screaming at each other.

The flight was originally scheduled to fly from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi. However, in a unique touch, a pilot reportedly threatened to land the plane in Pakistan.

It appears that the trouble may have started during the pre-flight briefing at Sharjah airport in the UAE when a
24-year-old stewardess accused one of the flight deck crew of trying to molest her and then pushing her out of the cockpit.

Arora and Chopra are being investigated for “assault or use of criminal force against a woman with intent to outrage her modesty”. “Outrage her modesty” seems a bit understated but surely does not capture the outrage of the passengers.

In the United States, passengers would have some interesting negligent infliction of emotional distress claims.

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8 thoughts on “Air Turbulence: Two Pilots Grounded After Allegedly Leaving Cockpit at 30,000 Feet to Punch Out Flight Crew”

  1. That’s the spirit, Anonymously Yours, focus on the flight controls and completely ignore/accept the violent behavior of the male pilots on the female attendant. Given the prevalence of honor killings from that “culture”, she’s lucky she wasn’t set on fire.

  2. “I’d like to welcome you to Air India’s flight IC-884 from the UAW providing service to Delhi. I’m Capt. Angry Fist and my co-pilot is Flight Officer Uncontrollable Sexual Urge. As soon as the cabin crew has passed out complimentary beverages, the in-flight entertainment will begin. Please, for your own safety, we discourage the passengers from gambling on the outcome. Thank you and enjoy your flight. For those of you opting to watch the movie instead of the live entertainment, headphones are $4, U.S. Today’s film is “Airport ’79”. We hope you enjoy your flight with Air India. Thank you! Come again.”

  3. “negligent infliction of emotional distress claims”
    Is there any action, any where by any one that couldn’t fall foul of this particular claim?

  4. Come on once a plane/jet is air borne the pilots are nothing more than instrument guys. The plane can be remotely flown. Yes, big brother can even fly the jet against the pilots direct instrument controls.

    The one that gets me is you can get yelled at for not turning your phone off. Well all planes have instrument jamming signals that prevent incoming calls from occurring.

    I don’t see the harm that would happen unless they had hit some turbulence. Not that I want to be on that flight.

    1. Dredd:

      I have to question that when the most successful machine is already called a predator.

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