Video: Special Needs Student Beaten By Officer Due to Failure to Tuck in His Shirt

This video is unbelievable as an officer working outside of Chicago as security in a high school beats a special needs student who left his shirt untucked in violation of the school dress code.

Marshawn Pitts, 15, was walking down the hallway in his high school in Dolton, Ill. when the officer attacked him over the dress code violation.

We have previously seen a school guard tasering a student over a cellphone, here. We have also seen officers beating or threatening teens for not showing respect or bad mouthing them, here and here. These cases may involve students who talk back but the escalation to the use of force is extremely disturbing.

In the Chicago case, the teen make no apparent threatening move before being thrown into the wall by the officer. I know that neatness is a virtue but there may have been an interim measure for an untucked shirt that was short of a physical assault.

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    “some people ONLY understand getting their ass beat. Of course the officer was just as ignorant, what’s in common with those two? There’s your trouble!”


    I represented the US DOC guard union for 5 years. The attitude that some “people deserve to be beaten” was present but only a small minority one with most guards doing their jobs without getting emotionally involved in the inmates problems. In fact, that little minority seemed to have most of the personal and family problems too strangely enough.

    You, on the other hand, seem anxious to “teach some five knuckle lessons,” as the troglodytes used to say. That the guard was “just as ignorant” and that this fact doesn’t strike you as immensely ironic tells me a lot about you, since most of realize his job is not to be “ignorant” and your job is to know that and disapprove.

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  3. i’ve worked for the texas prison system for over 5 yrs, and i have seen this kids demeanor, attitude, defiance, and ignorance time and time again. He has a learning disability, and a stopping and doing what he is told disability, and a get up an charge at the officer with both fists disability. Watch the video carefully and if you don’t know… some people ONLY understand getting their ass beat. Of course the officer was just as ignorant, what’s in common with those two? There’s your trouble!

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