Video: Special Needs Student Beaten By Officer Due to Failure to Tuck in His Shirt

This video is unbelievable as an officer working outside of Chicago as security in a high school beats a special needs student who left his shirt untucked in violation of the school dress code.

Marshawn Pitts, 15, was walking down the hallway in his high school in Dolton, Ill. when the officer attacked him over the dress code violation.

We have previously seen a school guard tasering a student over a cellphone, here. We have also seen officers beating or threatening teens for not showing respect or bad mouthing them, here and here. These cases may involve students who talk back but the escalation to the use of force is extremely disturbing.

In the Chicago case, the teen make no apparent threatening move before being thrown into the wall by the officer. I know that neatness is a virtue but there may have been an interim measure for an untucked shirt that was short of a physical assault.

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  1. Those who criticize the righteous actions of this police officer do not understand army of occupation policing and the USA’s desperate need for it.

    The fact is that the USA as a result of that most egregious excess of political correctness, the abolition of slavery has an excessive black underclass of people who are surplus to the needs of the economy. To this black underclass one must add an additional component of minimum wage workers whose incomes are insufficient for survival. All these people present threats of uppityness, mob violence and social disorder if they start to blame respectable people and the wealthy for their unpleasant conditions of life, which they are likely to do and start rampaging through the genteel suburbs burning down gated communities.

    The only way to guard against these threats is to use army of occupation policing in the communities where blacks and poor people live. The purpose of a zero tolerance attack such as the one on the mentally disabled 15 year old is not just a response to the offensively untucked in shirt and subsequent swear word but represents a policy of taking every opportunity presented to instill in the population to be controlled abject fear of the authorities. For this purpose an officer accused of rape and shooting dead his ex-wife’s new husband in self defense with 24 bullets represents the ideal character type for policing a school for brain damaged children with behaviour problems.

    When police patrol the streets where poor people and coloureds live they do not do so to protect the members of these communities, they are there to protect the respectable people who live elsewhere from the members of these communities. Most attacks of the type shown in this video are not seen by cameras and result only in the suspects subject to the attacks being convicted and disciplined not the officers implementing policy by carrying them out.

  2. This guard should not have been on the street to begin with let alone working with special needs kids, check the update at the end of the article below.

    UPDATE: Cop filmed attacking special needs student jailed for rape; reportedly shot ex-wife’s new husband 24 times in ‘self defense’

    One of the comments to the article is interesting, it talks about steroid use among law enforcement personnel. I wonder if that is true and if it might not explain some of the use of force as a first response instead of last resort.

  3. Crawdaddy probably has a very thin point. Without knowing more about the student and what led up to this incident, there could probably be justification for the security guard (if he wasn’t on official duty, then I don’t care what his other job might be) to physically intervene in some way. Stand in the kid’s way, “get in his face” or similar. But that in no way justifies the simple thuggery here.

    The more power, authority and weapons someone has, the less tolerance there can be for “having a bad day” or “loosing one’s temper.” Brain-damaged kids should get a lot of slack if they get upset and shove someone, but a well-trained adult with the responsibilities of authority should get close to none.

  4. AY,

    I’ve been here. I was home sick Monday and Tuesday, but I’ve been posting. A little late this morning because I arrived at work to find, well, I don’t mean this in a racist way, but the description seems to fit – a Chinese fire drill. There was wailing and lament and the rending of clothing. A nearly Biblical level of freak out. It took a bit to get everyone’s head screwed back on properly but I think all the troops have their composure back.

    I am thinking about mandating “snap-top” necks for my employees after this. I hear they are messier than the screw on necks, but easier to re-attach.

  5. Crawdaddy please. You can’t be serious. As a parent, if I were to do what this officer did to this child, I would be charged with child abuse. Also, as a mother of a special needs child, my son is deaf, autistic and mentally retarded,it frightens me to see this. i worry for my son everyday as he cannot tell me if he has been abused at school. We had one incident a few years ago when he arrived home with bruises on his back which lasted 2 weeks. We never found out what happened. I do not care if the kid was being defiant. Nothing justifies what we saw in this video. I don’t care what you say.

  6. The “officer” in question here should be thankful this isn’t my child. The lawsuit would only be the start of how miserable I’d make his life for picking on the disabled. Remember the kid in grade school/high school that got into a fight every time someone picked on a disabled student?

    I’m that guy.

    Only now I’d be much more creative in tormenting this bully.

    Healthy humans? Yeah, there are circumstances where the “heat” needs to be turned up on occasion either for your safety or the safety of others, but let’s be real: an un-tucked shirt is NEVER an excuse for violence – even with a healthy child.

    But picking on the disabled?

    That should include an automatic ass kicking as penalty. It’s not cruel and unusual. It’s fair. Parity is the root of justice. And those who prey upon the weak deserve rough justice.

  7. Yes CrawDaddy.

    Sometimes the only way of preventing bad people from acting uppity is to use a reign of terror. Maybe strictly speaking the force used in this case was a little over the top, but it will get the kid to respect the authorities for next time.

    Proper police procedure is for several different policemen to shout contradictory commands at a suspect and then shoot or taser him when he does not obey within 2 microseconds. It is a process of conditioning to instill fear of the authorities. The fear has to be enough to overcome the resultant hate so that the next time he sees a policemen he does not run him down with his car.

  8. So crawdaddy.. Children that are even in special schools like this child with TBI, and others that have conditions like autism are fair game to beaten half to death.. When these children do not conform and act on any order by an adult they should be dealt with in this extreme way? When you deal with special needs children you should never expect them to do what you ask of them when they feel threatened, that is one of the main reasons they are special needs.. You scare an autistic kid or one with ptsd or TBI you should expect anything, expect what you have asked of them.. Or maybe this is the way some people like the cop want to treat the less fortunate of our children.. Or is it just fun for cops beat the pants off of deaf, blind, mute and special needs people, because they cant understand hear or see certain orders of cops.. It is sick that cops get away with maiming and murdering special needs people all the time, because these people can’t comprehend police orders fast enough.. This cop deserves jail time.. Crawdaddy deliberate bad behavior issues are totally different than a child’s actions and reactions with TBI like this child.. Any so called child behavior consultant should know that..

  9. Crawdaddy,
    I understand your comments, but they fly in the face of the law. Assaults on students, no matter how disrespectful, are illegal and immoral. You don’t have to resort to physical attacks to get students to act properly. It may be harder when they are brain damaged like the victim, but it can and must be done within the bounds of the law. Your argument sounds a lot like Cheney and his cabal’s excuse for illegal torture.

  10. I have to say that I see another POSSIBLE side to the story. Having worked as a consultant to several public school systems specifically on the issue of alternative settings for students with behavior issues. It may seem like a small thing – the kid’s shirt is untucked but there is another side to this exchange – which, frankly, is fair characterization of many daily exchanges in these settings and that is this – the student was engaging in a pattern or extremely disrespectful behavior. For example, not responding to/paying attention to the adult. I would ask anyone what they would do if they were a security guard whose job it is to enforce the dress code and you spoke directly to a student who acknowledged your presence not with eye contact or a verbal response but instead with a “whatever” under their breath or a dismissive grimace as stroll on by. Certainly the security guard could have let it go – and indeed, many school personnel would have done just that because after all who wants to be the staffer that “pushes” the kid into an assaultive rage. If the school has a dress code that is brazenly flaunted because the staff is uneasy about addressing it, the policy on cell-phones will be next, and then the policy on ipods, and then the students get the message that the place is a joke where the teachers “let you do anything.” And overnight, the school begins to look like a place where the kids do anything and behave any way they want, which is a leading reason some students are placed in behavioral settings – because they couldn’t conduct themselves properly at a “regular” high school.

  11. Zero tolerance. Zero tolerance of dress code violations. Zero tolerance of retards, and zero tolerance of people that are willfully and feloniously of a non-white complexion.

    I will warrant that this is the normal treatment that a young African American male can expect under the regime of army of occupation policing under which they live, and goes along way to explain the “no snitching” meme endemic in their communities. Afro-Americans know that the police are not their friends, that they are not there to protect them but to protect decent white people from them by getting them into prison as soon as possible for as long as possible. The only unusual thing in this case is that the perfectly righteous use of violence was caught on video.

  12. Mwight,
    Dolton is a suburb of Chicago so this incident was not a CPS incident. That being said, this school and the school district better get alot of cash ready to pay on this outrageous assault. I thought I had it bad with the nuns in grade school,but this is over the top. I am amazed that the officer didn’t taze the poor kid.

  13. wgat is wrong with this officer? Why didn’t he taser the perp for 40 seconds or better yet shoot him dead. Shirt untucked, what impertinence?

  14. How interesting that this was posted today, 10/7/09, when both the Attorney General of the U.S., and the Secretary of Education of the country (who used to run Chicago schools, btw), would be in Chicago to discuss the problem of violence directed against students in the Chicago school system. It seems to me that the problem stems from the top down in Chicago and environs.

  15. Orders must be followed in order to be orderly. We cannot not have any dissonance in school. Orders are Orders. Orders R Us. Gitmo or Bust, In God You Better Trust or we’ll turn you into Dust.

    Sig Heil, My Fuhrer, Sig Heil, Der Motherland would not be de say with your Divine Guidance. We will try harder, My Fuhrer as we would be exterminated in any other Reich. Your Graciousness has spared us one more day. Sih Heil, Sig Heil as the boot heals click together and the Hand is extended into the Air and the head is bowed in a divine utterance to master creator.

    This is really just total bullshit to do this to the helpless. The other night I was watching the History channel and forgot how badly the Italian in Salerno were treated.

    Mike S., I had never heard of the Shoah until you mentioned it and it is supposed to be here today. it is a 9.5 hours and I thank you for this information. Netflix had it on 4 DVD’s. Thank you again.

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